0-2 to 3-2!Nadal wins Australian Open in five setsTurning over Medvedev

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On the evening of January 30, Nadal played medvedev in the Australian Open final.Nadal took a 2-1 lead in the first set and May began a four-point run, especially after hitting ACES to win five games in a row and take the opening set 6-2.The second set was all about nadal storming out to a 4-1 lead that made the match feel more suspenseful.Next, Mei total consecutive chase score 3-4!The eighth set, Nadal withstood great pressure, strong points, complete 5-3 lead and suppression!In the ninth game, May took the lead with two break points before Nadal quickly recovered.Then Mei got the break point again and Nadal saved it again.Nadal grazed the net and then forced his opponent out.Nadal got the count!Out on one, good on two, volley.Nadal returns the ball into the net, and a fourth tiebreaker also appears!Mei always struggles to get back to 4-5!The second set went to a tiebreak, with Nadal taking a 5-3 lead.Since then, Nadal net lost points!Nadal backhand diagonal, Angle, 5-5!During, Nadal two consecutive mistakes, a bounds, a net!Then Medvedev first is under the points, and then hit a wonderful ball through, 7-5!Mei always strong points, 7-5 to complete the big upset, set points 2-0, close to the title.Who knew what would happen next? Nadal came back strong!At the end of the third set, Nadal served up a 6-4 lead, but also came back to set point 1-2.The fourth set, Nadal again 6-4, set 2-2!Nadal broke 5-4 in the fifth set, and the 10th game proved to be a crucial one.Medvedev completed the reverse, 5-5 tie.Nadal broke again in the 11th game, 6-5.The 12th game, Nadal strong title, set points 3-2.