“Headmaster said” PI Jianming, former headmaster of Huanggang Siyuan Experimental School: education should have the spirit of leaving love behind

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Former Huang Gang Siyuan experimental school principal PI Jianming “left love” the word from su Shi’s short article “left love pavilion record generation nest Yuan Xiu”.Candidates.if your two years (in 1079), northern song dynasty su shi WuTaiShi case, be disgraced his huanzhou as yong ying agreement, at the time of his huanzhou satrap Xu Junyou always admire talented sushi, esteem for su shi, the two became fast friends, often meet to his huanzhou amara temple, south of the town, at a hospital in the bamboo pavilion PinShi theory in words, ShuiGuDaoJin.Yuanfeng five years (1082), Huang Zhou governor Xu Junyou is about to quit his post to Hunan, Anguo Temple monks successive even please Su Shi for two people often drink tea bamboo pavilion to take a name, to commemorate, Su Shi named “left love pavilion”.Sichuan Meishan people nest valley (word yuan Repair) to Huangzhou, was also present, Xu Junyou will ask it for the love pavilion to write a record, Su Shi think nest valley just to Huangzhou soon, xu Junyou do not understand, so write an article “love pavilion generation nest yuan repair”.In the article, Su Shi made an interpretation of “left love” : “He Wuzhi, no prominent name, go and people think of, this is called ‘left love’.Husband gentleman follow the principle and move, reason poor and stop, should be done, content to go and answer, he hehehe name have zai!”He Wu herein is an ancient official, when he have worked in are not many eminent fame, achievement, but he is not costly, according to the objective laws, genuinely good deeds for the people, he left the people slowly thanks to his thing in the local politics of the past, to perceive his good.Su Shi praised highly this kind of left love spirit all his life, he thought Xu Junyou was such a good official who had left love spirit, so he named that bamboo pavilion “left love pavilion”, it is for xu Junyou to leave huang Zhou after the memorial.I love Su Dongpo, like his poems and songs, admire his honest character and arrogant character, admire his outstanding talent and indifference. As an educator, I appreciate his love spirit of “leaving without me”.Primary and secondary education is a “foundational project”, which itself cannot directly produce “benefits”, and its quality is invisible outside, completely depends on the conscience and quality of practitioners.Student examination result, school entrance rate can only examine a very small aspect of the quality of school education, if for the sake of the educator’s temporary “political achievement”, and regardless of the consequences blindly pursue it, then, bring students can only be a disaster.Therefore, the “spirit of leaving love” advocated by Su Dongpo is exactly what we need to educate people.I have been an English teacher in junior high school for more than 20 years, serving as the head teacher, the middle-level cadre and the grade director. The school adopts the grade responsibility system, so I not only have to lead my own class well, but also be responsible for the education and teaching quality of the whole grade and over 700 people in each class.When it comes to quality, cannot leave the exam results, junior high school is to see the exam results, the merits of the exam results directly determine the quality of a school evaluation.Huanggang urban area is not big, a few years ago each junior high school graduates more than 3000 people.There is a famous Huanggang Middle School, which is the dream of more than 3,000 junior middle school graduates every year, as well as the yearning of every examinee’s parents.From primary school to junior high school, even from kindergarten, every child can not get around this obstacle, the future can be admitted to Huanggang Middle school, has become the standard to judge whether children are excellent.Every year in the end of the examination, the results announced, several junior high schools in the city will be the first time “good news” the number of students in huanggang middle school.At that time, Huanggang Middle School recruited more than 100 students every year in the urban area. Huangzhou Middle School I was in was a better complete middle school in the urban area. The middle school was large in scale, and at the most, it could admit nearly 60 students in one year.But a grade has more than 10 classes, each class more than 10, less one or two often.Results announced, good teacher in charge and teacher beaming, bad test will feel no face to see people.In my second year, the leadership asked me to be the head teacher, but I did not dare to accept, I was scared by the competitive atmosphere.In the third year, he could not evade it. The first shift director made up his mind that he could not lose.I invested almost all of their energy, but also to win the full cooperation of parents, the control of all the time of students, really achieve the teacher bitter teaching, students hard work, parents bitter help.Three years later, I took an examination of the class huanggang middle school number one grade.It seemed to me that I should be happy and congratulated for doing well in my first class. However, I could not be happy.Out of more than 700 graduates in our school, 54 of them were admitted to Huanggang Middle School. Out of more than 3,000 middle school graduates in the urban area, only 120 students can go to Huanggang Middle School.So many students have been struggling for three years for the 120 places in Huanggang Middle School. What is the value of the students who are not in the top 120 who spend so much rest time and exercise time to attend classes and do exercises?Even those students who were admitted to Huanggang Middle School did not stimulate their interest in learning, explore independent learning methods and enjoy the fun of learning in the best time of middle school. Instead, they practiced and studied repeatedly in order to get one or two more points, and what did they lose?Su Shi in the “love pavilion recorded generation of nest yuan repair” said, “husband gentleman by reason and move, poor and stop, should be done, to go and complex, he hehehe name of zai!””Principle” and “matter” are objective laws and scientific principles. In education, they are laws of education and laws of students’ growth and development.More than a thousand years ago, scholars and officials were able to work against objective laws without seeking fame and wealth. How can today’s education sacrifice students’ interests and hobbies, spirit of inquiry, and even physical and mental health at the cost of achieving immediate academic performance?”Mo ask tests based on this thinking,” I’m starting to do the second teacher in charge, parent-teacher meeting for the first time, I will tell parents, do junior high school should do junior high school, we can’t let the city junior high school students, teachers, including parents around the year 120 places in huanggang middle school, not for an examination at the expense of his life’s most precious child of three years.Our class does not ask the mid-term exam!Parents can’t accept my point of view. Isn’t junior high just preparation for high school?I said, no, junior high school should have junior high school life, even if it is to prepare, but also for high school and the future study, life and life stage, not just prepare for the entrance to high school.Take an examination of high school, just an exam to decide, its content is knowledge, is the test questions, because the vast majority of the content of the examination is knowledge in class, so, the simplest and direct way to prepare for it is to learn this part of the knowledge, training related topics.Many children began to like reading from the high school, often in junior high school because of the heavy workload, basically there is no extracurricular reading, and in high school, the burden is heavier, time is tighter, there is no extracurricular reading possibility.In high school, along with the Chinese compulsory textbooks issued to students, each semester has a thick extensive reading textbook, but students basically do not have time to read.A child is not easy to cultivate a good reading interest, will benefit for life, if after six years of middle and high school interruption, how can it become a hobby and habit?The same is true for English learning.The initial stage of learning should focus on the gradual formation of listening and speaking ability and Sense of English, rather than doing a lot of exercise training or rote learning in order to achieve high scores in the immediate exam.And “mo ask” junior high school, can slowly cultivate students’ learning methods, rather than give students a lot of homework, rote memorization, repeated practice;Can let students feel the fun of learning in the free learning atmosphere, rather than boring “full of”;I can feel the beauty of good interpersonal relationship in cooperative exploration with classmates, rather than treating classmates as white-hot competitors.You can broaden your reading horizon and cultivate your interest in reading instead of just staring at textbooks.Can insist on their own sports, artistic hobbies, rather than abandon everything, only for the examination.Later, I have been insisting on the concept of “mo ask”, each in the first, second, my class students’ test results are often worse than others, but to the third is not bad, on the contrary, each exam is very good.There was a student who once won the first prize in an English contest in high school. The school asked her to share her experience. She said, “I don’t really have any experience, just because I was in Miss PI’s class in junior high school.”Some people ask, you let the student “mo ask in the examination”, at ordinary times you tube so loose, why student achievement return so good?I think it’s pretty straightforward.Education needs to remove external fetters, liberate students’ minds, follow scientific laws, let students breathe freely, grow slowly, and wait for flowers to blossom.Students off the shackles, relaxed, personality sunshine, learning is natural.As long as the teacher teaches the method to the students and gives them a relatively relaxed environment, when the students themselves are willing to learn, learning will be efficient.The knowledge scope of the examination is not big, my students usually learn is not very bad, but not as good as other classes of students training so much, so usually will take an examination of some poor, as long as the third examination before the students closely review, the examination of good is completely possible.”Don’t ask the examination” is not not an exam, but don’t let students take all the time and energy to prepare for the examination, don’t let “examination” this one thing filled with students three years of junior high school life.Junior high school students are in physical development and psychological maturity period, and they know the world, the key to form their own view, therefore, the junior middle school stage to provide them with diverse curriculum to promote the development of comprehensive, to know the world, understand social activities for them, for they can free time, the independent development space.The principal need more love spirit heritage in the autumn of 2011, the city bureau of education to send me to the huanggang experiment elementary school principal, huanggang experimental primary school is a provincial demonstration elementary school, provincial, city schools, is also the city people choosing the most popular schools, and at that time I was just an ordinary middle school a teacher of English, for this news, my friends and colleagues are surprised,I never thought it would happen.When organizing the conversation, the leader’s statement cleared up my doubts.Leaders say, what do you do in high school teacher in charge, middle-level cadres, the ten years of education teaching everyone see very clearly, as a junior high school teachers, director of the grade, you can insist for a long time to “mo ask examination” education idea, is planning to broaden the students knowledge, develop the students interest in specialty, it is very rare, this is the quality education, it is most in need of our primary and secondary schools.When the principal is not to do “official”, have experience in the second, the key is to have the right concept of education, and can adhere to the practice of their own ideas in the school.As a principal for the first time, I always hope to make some achievements.Huanggang experimental primary school is a long history of one hundred years old, a celebrity, a geologist li siguang’s father did the headmaster here, former minister of education Liu Xiyao once taught here, the school has a profound cultural background, before I few presidents are also huanggang education respected teacher, school clear direction, idea is advanced,Even the school management system is perfect and scientific.How can I make my mark here?Come up with an eye-catching “idea” again?A new set of regulations?Su Dongpo said, “Even if there is no name”, we should “follow the principle” and “act according to the law of things”, which means we should do things according to the law of things. We should not do education in order to attract attention, make things mysterious, unconventional, and even cause trouble for children.School is not short of ideas, huanggang experiment elementary school to promote the “people-oriented”, “create suitable for students to develop the education of” the development of “everything for the children” “” a firm foundation for the child’s life, the most simple words are in line with the su dongpo of love thought the education idea, we need to do is practice and insist, is to make the concept of hanging on the wall in the course,Implement to the classroom, implement to the student body.Su Dongpo lived in Huangzhou for four years, leaving huangzhou splendid cultural heritage and spiritual wealth. In order to follow his spirit of leaving love, huanggang people connected several lakes in huangzhou city and named it Yiai Lake, and built a beautiful urban park, which has become a great pride of Huangzhou people.I believe that the spirit of love will also be planted in the hearts of huanggang educators.It takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred to cultivate people.Teaching children for three or six years should focus on their next 30 or 60 years. Basic education is to lay the foundation for students’ life. Although there is no outstanding reputation, it is enough to “go away and be remembered by others” after a few years.(Article adapted from: The Realm of Education: Reflections of Jing Chu Education Masters, Xinhua Publishing House, 2018;Author: PI Jianming, former principal of Huanggang Siyuan Experimental School)