Players Championship final eight: 75 three jie occupy three seats, Robertson and Yan Bingtao in the column, the final eight match

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Beijing time on February 10, snooker tournament in the first round of players over the last two games, Belgium’s Mr Cher shock lost 1-6 to Jimmy Robertson, Mr Kim, 6-3 beat Iran specialist he reversed, currently eight number has formally: including China only child YanBingTao, 75 rockets his three jie, mark Williams,Higgins is there, Hawkins, Melbourne machine Robertson, Ricky Walton and Jimmy Robertson!This two people in the Chinese army, the top seed zhao popped the big child in the first round of cold heart, his status, especially the long table attack fail many times, the result in 3 to 6 defeat by Hawkins of boxing, and YanBingTao first round opponent is gilbert, the game YanBingTao started firing again quickly to 5-1 first to get a match point, but then a sixpence,Gilbert made a furious comeback after three games to make the score 5-4 and the suspense was everywhere on the court. In the crucial 10th game, Yan bingtao finally seized the opportunity, he smashed 59 points in a single rally to win, so as to advance 6-4, yan Bingtao will fight Hawkins for a place in the last four!75 three jie the tournament first round again go hand in hand, the score of the three games, one rod broken his state blasted off the roof and 5 pole 50 + 6-3 eliminated the world’s second-largest quasi god, groom, mark Williams 6-3 outmanned Gary Wilson, higgins is thus boom three pole broken hundred 6-3 beat tile not reversed,I have to say that 75 Sanjie is really too strong, at the age of 47 can still maintain a high level, really let people admire!Snooker player tournament quarterfinals against now, his of Robertson, two people will have a career of 33 times, is also a smackdown, YanBingTao bankruptsrobbers battled last four profession of Hawkins, against black mark Williams Ritchie Wharton, higgins against power general Jimmy Robertson.The other two games are hard to say, but mark Williams and Higgins should be able to win the final four with their normal play, let’s see!