Two 19-point comebacks in a row!CBA tuhao team continue to pressure liao Basket to revenge Guangdong next

2022-04-23 0 By

Shanghai pulled off two super comebacks in a row, 110-107, this time against Qingdao.Shanghai trailed Zhejiang by as much as 19 points in the last round, but came back in the second half to beat their top-ranked rivals and consolidate their position in second place.On the 25th night against Qingdao, the opponent was not strong, but they dug a hole for themselves in the opening, 41-60 at the end of the second quarter, again 19 points behind.They fought back again in the third quarter, tying the game at 81, but finally won the game on their strength.With two 19-point comebacks in a row, the Shanghai men’s basketball team has developed a toughness they have rarely seen in the past two seasons.But always in the opening to dig their own hole, but also that the team in the opening problems, attention to the need to improve.At present, Liaoning and Shanghai have played 27 rounds of matches, liaoning 24-3, Shanghai 22-5, Liaoning’s last match in the second stage is tongxi, which is inevitable to win, while Shanghai’s last match is Guangdong, which is also the match they need to win.Shanghai played Guangdong in the fourth round of the season, when they lost 112-97.But at that time, Shanghai, the new lineup was just beginning to fit in, definitely not now they, so again facing Guangdong, both sides have the possibility to win.If Shanghai want to continue to put pressure on Liaoning, they must win the best match against Guangdong, because in the third stage, they will have two direct talks with Liaoning, which is their best chance to hit the top, so no mistake in any match, do not be opened by Liaoning in the table.At 19:35 on The evening of January 28, Guangdong fought Shanghai, du Feng and Li Chunjiang staged the master and apprentice war again.