What are the responsibilities of parents?Caring for children is a bounden duty

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The Russian writer Turgenev has a short article called “brave little Sparrow”.One day in April 1878, the author was returning from hunting with his hounds when he saw a small sparrow flapping feebly to the ground from its nest in a nearby birch tree.As the hound approached, the all-black mother bird flew down from the treetops and managed to strike the tip of the hound’s nose three times, forcing the hound to retreat a little.Turgenev for the mother sparrow to protect the chick’s performance greatly moved, anxious to recall the hound, leaving the parent-child sparrow quietly left.Now look back at us humans. Are there any selfless parents in the human race who raise children without expecting any reward?Certainly not.However, most of the children, when they are young, it is inevitable that the woman as a pet love him, love him: children are old, but also hope that he can feed filial piety, take care of their old life.This kind of psychology, this kind of attempt, is not the real parent-child heart, but only forces the children to repay the time, energy, and money spent in raising the children — namely, it is a transaction between giving and receiving.If a man raises his children only for old age, frankly speaking, his children have no duty of filial piety.This is a very anti-intellectual drawing card mentality.Parents have the duty to bring up their children. It is the children’s free will to be filial or not.A from farming, there are as many as eleven brothers friend, once said to me: “my father drink, gambling, everything is absolutely not a good father, but, but I will take him as an incomparable teacher, I want to in behavior, he is my most bad example, I as long as everywhere and father the opposite tack.What could be better?”Even the most unworthy father is to be taken up by his children as a model of vigilance.If a parent can raise his or her children with compassion and love like the Buddha without expecting repayment, is there any reason for children not to respect their parents or be filial to them?Parents in the hall, should be the greatest happiness of their children, but not sensible children, will disobey their parents, bring trouble to their parents.But children no matter how unfilial, parents always do not have the heart to blame their children, such parents, always think that no matter what happened, are their own karma, blame no one, also blame no heaven, so bear children, and the responsibility of the parents of their children.In a word, parents should not bring up their children according to their own likes and dislikes. They should wake up to their true selves.