Zhu Ting’s latest response to wrist surgery problem!First disclosure target!Say 2 teammates help me a lot

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Zhu Ting, the captain of China’s national women’s Volleyball team, appeared on the program “Prolox” on February 2 and answered a hot question — the fans are concerned about the wrist surgery problem, and revealed her goal for the first time since the wrist injury — I hope to play again and come back to the top again.This was a declaration of arrogance.As the captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team and MVP reaper, 2021 is definitely the darkest moment for Zhu Ting.In particular, in the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s Volleyball team suffered a failure in the highly anticipated sight — they lost 2-3 in the group stage and were eliminated early, and finally ranked ninth, creating the worst record in the Olympic Games.And Zhu Ting wrist injury aggravation, is obviously the Chinese women’s volleyball team lost the fuse.In fact, after the Tokyo Olympic Games, the Chinese women’s Volleyball team, including Zhu Ting, Zhang Changning, Ding Xia, Yuan Xinyue and so on, all talked about one problem when summarizing the Olympic Games, that is, the real level of The Chinese women’s volleyball team was not played in the competition.Zhu Ting captain Zhu Ting to his wrist injury aggravation, apparently is not expected.In her latest episode, Zhu tackled the subject of injuries head-on.Zhu Ting bluntly, 2021 wrist continued to deteriorate, my career into a relatively low period.Before each birthday, I wish for good health.For athletes, health comes first.For an athlete, injury is not an injury, I think it is a bad news.A lot of athletes worry about injuries, small things, big things, and this wrist has been going back and forth for years.Zhu Ting obviously for his wrist injury, Zhu Ting has seen very clear, she said – injury is the biggest enemy of athletes.You get over it, you become a better version of yourself.Steph Curry and Rafael Nadal are also athletes who have recovered after surgery and returned to the court again to maintain their peak.Zhu is clearly looking to curry and Nadal to give herself and her fans confidence.As for her wrist surgery, Zhu Ting said that her goal is to do well in my surgery and rehabilitation, patient treatment, patient rehabilitation, continuous evolution, forging ahead, and overcoming all the difficulties in rehabilitation. Many difficulties are not limitations, but more opportunities for us to succeed.I want to be on the court again, to be back on top again!Returning to the top is the first time Zhu has set such a clear goal since the Tokyo Olympics.In fact, the fans have been paying attention to this topic, has been looking forward to zhu Ting’s return.As Zhu Ting said, everyone is paying special attention to the problem of operation recovery, which is a big problem. I will do more and please be patient.According to the latest news, Zhu Ting will have surgery on her wrist injury after the Spring Festival.Zhu Ting in this program, Zhu Ting also talked about his help a lot of 2 players, they are Shen Jingsi, Dan Na.Among them, Dan Na was once the main free agent of the Chinese women’s volleyball team.Zhu ting learned more about her skills from Dan.In order to improve Zhu Ting’s ability to pass, Lang Ping first asked Shan Danna to pass to Zhu Ting and then zhu Ting to pass again.And Zhu Ting and Shen Jingsi’s relationship is very close, after all, they are in a dormitory, feelings are very deep.Zhu Ting’s growth obviously also benefited from the help of these senior teachers and teammates.The 2022 Chinese Women’s Volleyball team faces two big tests, the Asian Games in Hangzhou and the World Women’s Volleyball Championships.As the captain of zhu Ting can play, will become crucial.As Zhu Ting said, half time is over, we will see you on the court!We hope zhu Ting can have an operation as soon as possible, recover as soon as possible, and return to the competition. We look forward to zhu Ting at her peak!What do you think?Welcome to comment!