Can ID number be loaned

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Can ID number be loaned?The id number can be borrowed, but also need to provide a series of information, loan to the applicant’s qualification examination is very strict;2, the loan needs to prepare the data in advance are: valid ID card, personal credit records, loan application form;3, the loan and face recognition link, through face recognition to confirm whether it is the real person, after all the audit has passed will lend.Loan is a common thing in life, for example, house loan, car loan, loan is a way of consumption, can reduce short-term economic pressure, but only provide id number is not a loan, you need to prepare all the materials.What are the requirements for applying for a loan?The first requirement is that I apply for, others can not be applied for, for example, to provide my id card within the validity period, in the process of processing to carry out face recognition or fingerprint authentication, after confirmation can proceed to the next step.Second is to prepare personal credit report, it is the key to the bank to decide whether to lend, for example, there is something wrong with the personal credit, the bank will question your ability to repay, then don’t lend to you or to lend less to you, so we need to maintenance good personal credit registry, for example, credit card payments on time, decrease The Times of network credit so that you can guarantee us good personal credit registries.