Car reviews 315 | new energy vehicle complaints into 2021 new hot spots, car reviews network to the owner of the three points of advice

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Hit with the 2021 new energy vehicles, passenger car retail sales of nearly 3 million units, permeability has reached 14.8%, a large number of electric cars, has not just focused on the city for purchasing market, more towards the city, about 234 entered innumberable families, and the subsequent, is not mature technology and production, has been gradually exposed.According to the analysis of complaints received by the National Consumers’ Association in 2021 released by the Chinese Consumers’ Association, consumer disputes and complaints of new energy vehicles became a new hot spot last year, and we are mainly concerned about the following three aspects:Safety issues in these complaints, the most important or safety issues, including car spontaneous combustion, automatic driving system failure, and these complaints can also be seen behind the corresponding hot social events, it can be seen that this aspect of the problem is universal and prominent.New energy owners still want to pay more attention to this, in the standard car, safe driving, I believe that the vast majority of accidents can be avoided.For example, put an end to the “flying line” to charge the car, driving “scatters” and other situations, for the current car’s various operations involving safety, when necessary, also want to learn, such as no “idle”, throttle assume part of the braking function need to learn and adapt.Quality issues in addition to safety as the primary problem, really affect the consumers generally, or quality problem, that is mostly because grew out of battery or batteries, such as charging failure, or nominal range and publicizing, especially under the condition of high temperature in summer or cold winter, can actually run mileage.In 2021, when just winter, online has been a large number of various electric vehicle models range evaluation content, seventy percent discount is a common phenomenon, and even a lot of models to make a folded is “normal”, it mainly has the limitation of the current power battery technology, first of all should prepare when consumers buy cars, second in the conditional case,As far as possible with the intention of the real car owners to do the necessary communication, understand the actual range, and then sell, shop around, especially in the current new energy vehicle market, is particularly important.Marketing problems delay delivery, delivery models are not complete, the goods are not the plate, and other problems are more prominent, such as the “core door” event of The Great Wall Euler Cat model, once also attracted the attention of CCTV, related complaints also ranked first in a complaint platform last year.In recent years, there are two main reasons behind the increase of such complaints. The first is the fierce competition among new energy vehicle companies, which leads to over-commitment and even false publicity. At the same time, due to the fast iteration speed, the frequent increase and decrease of some functions and accessories, which can not be completely consistent with the data, resulting in the wrong goods.In addition, last year’s chip shortage is also the actual reason behind some hot events.When consumers face such problems, they should mainly choose auto companies with good reputation of products and services, which have low probability of problems and can be properly solved even if problems do occur.Finally, the new energy automobile market chaos, now just inevitable problems facing the transitional phase, and compared with previous years, the technology and quality of the progress is very obvious, so when choosing to purchase new energy vehicles, we still can be the basic trust, but do their homework, at the same time reduce the expected in heart, is necessary.This article is “car review network” original, author: Guo Youli, editor: small compilation, shall not be reproduced without permission.Pay attention to “Car review”, focus on the automotive industry in-depth report.