It’s a New Year

2022-04-24 0 By

It’s been another year, how are you in your hometown?Is the family reunited?Have the reunion meal, drink the reunion wine?Looking at the smiling face of the child, a tired body is still tired?Did you laugh when your parents saw you go home and drink the reunion wine?Is the big boy who called your parents in love?Did you get your parents ‘daughter married?All the year round put down children far away in its township, hard and busy suffering all grievances, difficult to not for children married, children after the house watch happiness?New Year is still thinking about how much money to borrow mortgage how many years of loans to buy a house?How many times is your daughter’s mother-in-law going to break up with a guy who doesn’t have a house?What about free love?Said good life is precious love price is higher!How is it that the ultimate value of a house is not worth the cost of the most free love, marriage and having children?If the child is simply married without a house and a car, is it not possible to bear the mortgage for decades, not a lifetime of subservient fear of losing his job, not to pay the loan and live more hopeful?Lose and win, weigh the pros and cons, please don’t put the daughter son-in-law to the endless debt forced on the road, for happiness, and perhaps millions of loans down, happiness didn’t start over, listen to developers, listen to sell building sales, listen to the capital, have some money brainwashed to buy a house, the gnome male – “, vampire capitalists will give hello fruit to eat?What are you thinking, mother-in-law?Good spring 2022.2.1