My last post, a conversation with two academicians, will hopefully inspire more people

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Academician article you asked me yesterday this thing is true, is true, not only in the laboratory scientists I know, institute, professor, member of the other, at least 60% is this view, can’t say the United States, said the United States will be nasty with you, I can still remember the two disdain despise expression at that time, maybe other scientists is not urgent,But 60 percent of them do not know what to ask.Why the rush?I see a friend say your level is not enough, and you are not familiar, the somebody else talk with you that is also should, in fact, a lot of friends did not carefully read the article.At the beginning, we discussed some new projects and plans in China, and we discussed them in detail. The scientific instruments cooperated with the European company, when and what parameters would be delivered were clearly stated. However, I did not want to say too much in the narrative, so I will tell you half a year in advance.However, when one of our friends mentioned the United States, the two academicians immediately changed their words and became zz from scientists.If it is really my level is not enough, it should talk to me about the United States, see what the United States is doing every day, since media, net news ability is first-class, I am really net, some from the media all rely on plait, I also see the news that says Parker melts, ha ha.Therefore, I should only talk about foreign science projects, but when it comes to domestic science projects, I should not say anything. This is the performance of my lack of rank.Why did I just expand on it today?Yesterday is just narrative.I just want to see what everyone is thinking about this. Many of my friends in the comment section didn’t read my post carefully.These two academicians have an invisible sense of superiority and disdain for “we media” and the United States. They always feel that this name is superior to others. The United States is not good, “We media” can translate.Which brings us back to The United States and Europe, scientists who work for the United States government, many of them come down every year to work with the children, which is mentors, to help them develop their interests, their hobbies.Last year, a team of high school students discovered a star under the guidance of their scientist mentors, and the students were even directly involved in the core project of CERN. Many children grew up watching the starship ULA launch, introduce the satellite, and watch the model of Mars every day.Visiting, popularizing science, making art works, which I’m not going to talk about, is that the attitude of these scientists when they teach science to children?The most critical word: only a steady stream of talent, a country’s science can become strong, talent where?Of course it starts with children, questioning, rigor, exploring the unknown, innovation and so on.Are there any other children besides the American ones?Being able to question, being able to question, being able to question with evidence, that’s the right scientific attitude, not just asking some Falcon 9, talking about other countries’ scientific breakthroughs and being labeled as being beautiful.After NASA didn’t post a photo of the Mars rover Perseverance for four days, there were people yelling at NASA for treason, and then there were nearly 4,000 likes. Boy, I said how can NASA be so afraid to disclose everything?Whose money is it to explore the universe?Take my money to explore the universe success you do not disclose?Can do it?Just to be clear, SLS has been reviled for years, so they have to find a cheap one, SLS will be obsolete in the future and they don’t even need Congress, NASA knows that starships aren’t ready that fast, so they need a 123 mission with SLS first to deal with Congress, then they will need sustainable rockets for the future moon base.Unless there’s some additive or 3D printing to keep the price down.Anyone can be questioned. That’s science.In fact, the two academicians may not know the scientific breakthroughs I mentioned, because they may not have the time to surf the Internet. The scientists I know in the lab are very busy with their work, and they often go abroad and cannot return home for several years.But as space scientists, it’s strange that they didn’t know about the Falcon Heavy.The two academicians can certainly say that SpaceX, the United States, but because of the 27 engines, there is a general concern about safety, and falcon 9 is fully adequate, plus the Falcon Heavy is about twice the price, so generally only used by the United States military or carpool missions, this rocket is interesting.No good, no bad. It’s fun. It’s over.That’s the way I talk to other scientists, maybe we’ll continue to talk about starships, we’ll talk about raptors, and the rest of it is to say a little bit about the United States and then talk about our plans, we’re catching up, see what others are doing, what we should do next, it’s as simple as that.I see some friends say that these two academicians think just like the common people, and the common people should not have such thoughts. More importantly, if the upper echelons have such an attitude, they will eventually believe in their lies, as if the United States is living on its own money every day.I asked: What do you think of their new rocket ship and the low-orbit economy created by the rise of other commercial space companies like SpaceX?In fact, this is the most critical question I asked the two academicians, and it is also a question in my own field.People only reply when they are stronger and point fingers at others.You say that you are not good enough, ask a question to avoid the topic, how can you point out others?Real wise people never say what others are like, they will only reflect on themselves, from their own shortcomings, to make themselves stronger, really stronger, rather than with a Great Wall of lies to deceive everyone.So to sum up, I really agree with the domain knowledge of these two academicians, but…It was not permanent after all.