Pet text: wear to The Times of scarcity, hold the space heart not to panic, and the spirit pet to help

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Love novels of friends everywhere, abuse, sweet, through the text, modern text, fantasy text, although everyone is different, but for the story of the novel writing requirements, can see high-quality novels will always make people want more, see again.Good things to share with friends, xiaobian here to introduce you to a few people can not extricate themselves from the novel, completely bid farewell to the situation of book shortage.If you like, collect it as soon as possible!Today xiaobian to recommend: pet text: wear to the age of lack of goods and materials, hands hold space heart not to panic, and pet to help!The first: “wear book time: fierce wife has space” author: April wind flower introduction: pet text: wear to the lack of materials in the era of the text, holding space heart is not panic, there are spirits pet to help!With space jiang Nuannuan suddenly through an era in the article.The original female master covetous, and the best little aunt a family find fault every day.In this poor material and will soon face hunger era, warm hands hold space heart not panic.The infinite storehouse of space is stocked with abundant supplies.There is no worry about food and drink, and there are spirits to help.And the affectionate bamboo-horse brother…”Lu Changqing, I want to be a white swan in the future. You can’t stop me from flying.”Guide into the pit: “wench, you this generous character can not be here.It’s a good thing you met me today, because if you meet one of those tough vampires, you can’t even get rid of them without peeling them off.Don’t take these out in the future, they’re too easy to provoke.”Nuan Nuan smiled when she heard this.Grabbed aunt Fang’s hand and put all the candy in her hand.”It’s my aunt’s fresh character that makes me want to be your friend.This candy is nothing, you can give it to the baby.You can tell me more about me in the future. I’m new here, and if I get into any trouble, I’ll make trouble for my family.”Aunt Fang took the candy and smiled.”Jiang, you really have a wonderful personality.Aunt, YOU’re the kind of generous child I like.You are getting along well with Professor Lu, aren’t you, a newlywed?”Nuannuan heard this embarrassed smile.”We’re not married yet.”Aunt fang a pair of people over the appearance, pull up warm hands, gently patted.”Everyone in the north knows about your engagement. It’s all been in the newspapers.My family was there, too. You’re the Lu’s sure wife. It’s just like a newlywed.”Said the tone of great aunt changed a lot, a pair of dignified appearance took warm warm walked to the aisle.Then he pointed to the west.(click below free reading) the second: “rebirth power small qiao daughter-in-law” author: Zhen Yuan Sheng introduction: rebirth of Shen Mengyao only a goal, is to want to sleep every night holding Yan Zhehan.Yan Zhehan finally put his heart to Sleep shen Mengyao, has been ready to be beaten and scolded by her, did not expect a change of wind, Shen Mengyao want to sleep with him every day.I can’t say no to that.After previous life blind, this life can live so bright eyes and heart, so grasp the target resolutely not let go.Into the pit guide: yan Zhehan in the evening and the leave, yan Zhehan bought the plane ticket, so the afternoon estimated two people together to eat a meal, will leave, Shen Mengyao loathe to give up him.The look came out of it.She is really loathe yan Zhehan, but she also know, two people this is just a temporary separation.See her so, Yan Zhehan touched her cheek, feel his hands greasy.”Lovely, we two very quick.””Don’t worry,” he pursed his lips. “I really don’t mind the heat. I can help carry some small things later.See her this look, Yan Zhehan helpless, only three people together to get things.First to Li Shaojun got something, three people gave him into the dormitory, and then accompanied to get shen Mengyao things, to the dormitory, the girl dormitory is the dormitory of four people.This dormitory is to let them three people are very satisfied, people less things less ah.Worthy of the imperial capital university ah, past life Shen Mengyao to the University of the Ling City, but that eight people dormitory ah.The dormitory is also cliques, trivial things a lot of.Let’s hope their dorms are more comfortable.When Shen Mengyao came in, the other three people in the dormitory had come. They pushed the door and came in, and the people inside looked at the three people.She was generous enough to introduce herself.The other three saw shen mengyao followed by two boys. One looked older but very cold, and the other was very mild and about their age.”Hello, I’m Li Minghua, I’m a physics major.””Hello, I am Zhao Qianqian, biology major.”(click below part is read for free) the 3rd: “reborn 60 time has a space” author: yu Renbeauty is introduced: the Su that was knocked blunt is soft and soft reborn, be short of clothes and little food not only in the home, still have each wonderful flower family member changes method make bewitch!Fortunately, she has plenty of room for everything!Wear new clothes, eat fine grain, the ground can earn full centimeter, can test first in school!Sue soft soft is taking grandma to make a fortune, rush all the way to broad road.Pit guide: “Soft soft ah!”Chen old woman said a sentence and did not continue to say, eyes have been staring at Sue’s soft face.Sue soft soft doubt of blink, wait for a long time did not wait for Chen old woman’s bottom half sentence, had to ask themselves, “milk, how?What’s the big day today?Or is there something wrong? ‘At this time every household food is not well-off, in addition to the festival, who will not go to other people’s home for dinner.Although Chen old woman today is with food to xiao home, but Sue soft soft feel, there must be something.Otherwise with Chen old woman’s character, it is impossible to take her to someone else’s home for dinner.Mrs. Chen rubbed Sue’s soft face, “soft is smart!It did happen today.””What’s the matter?Old old woman smiled, “silly wench, of course is your business.””My business?”Sue was a little confused. “What’s wrong with me?”‘You girl!You said you were smart. How can you be stupid now?Return ability have what matter, you and cheng Jin’s matter!”I have…. with Seong-jinMilk?!!!!!!!!”Sue soft shocked, she felt very good to hide ah, also did not show what clue in front of old woman, how old woman suddenly said so?The heart is churning with tempestuous waves, listen to Chen old woman and opened the mouth.”That kid Cheng Jin, I didn’t know much about him before, but after a cold look at him these past few months, he is really nice to you!You look good, you study well, now you are teaching literacy class together, and you can go to high school together next year, which is kind of kindred spirits.We two are a production brigade, I and captain, and you luo grandma, that all know half a lifetime, is cheng Jin his father, also be I looked at grow up.”Novels abuse me thousands of times, I treat novels like the first love, for the love of fiction friends, any style of novels are available, especially for their own taste of novels, but also can read again and again.Today’s recommendation is here first, what would you like to ask at the end of the message to xiaobian oh!