S26 “Supreme side” out, strength more than Mulan Guan Yu, T0 summit rarely rival

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Hello, everyone. I am the Giant God beast.Original is not easy, look forward to your attention.As we all know, in King of Glory, fighting road is the absolute core of a team.Among the many heroes against the road, there is no doubt that it is the warrior hero who takes the main responsibility of fighting against the road hero in the team.Although the early stage of supporting teammates against road heroes is relatively small, once they succeed and develop silently, they can have certain economic and low level advantages. With the continuous formation of their equipment, they can not only provide sufficient control and tanks for the team, but also provide certain output effects.Mulan, for example, is a resurrected road warrior hero in the current version.Unlike previous seasons, this season’s warrior heroes have been comprehensively improved.Mulan, once the dominant wing player, still has a very strong single kill and explosive ability this season.Once you reach level 4, you can instantly switch between two forms to achieve a single kill.Guan Yu is not the “best side” when it comes to fighting against the road warrior hero, we have to mention guan Yu this hero.As a warrior hero, Guan Yu’s strengths and weaknesses are obvious.Guan yu’s advantage is that his passive ability gives him extremely powerful mobility, while his one skill’s instantaneous damage is also very high, and he is very stable when used to clear the line of soldiers.However, due to guan yu’s lack of total attack output, he is not very suitable for many battles in the field, which makes it difficult to help his teammates in the field and harvest.However, for Guan Yu, the biggest problem is the difficulty of cutting into the battlefield.Although Guan Yu is a very tough warrior hero in group battle, many players will guard against guan Yu in the current version.Once Guan yu is decelerated or controlled by the enemy, his movement speed will be greatly reduced, and without passive acceleration, guan Yu will be difficult to disrupt the enemy’s formation by going around and rushing back to bring beneficial changes to his regiment battle.Neither Mulan nor Guan Yu is a particularly strong warrior hero in the current version.As the once extremely insoluble side hero, Li Xin has always been a very eye-catching presence.Li Xin’s win rate in the current version has been firmly above 50%, and due to the dual-form feature, li Xin has more possibilities.As a warrior hero, Li Xin was relatively weak in the early stage.Players can consider bringing smite and using their smite and two skills to quickly capture the crab.After reaching level 4, Li Xin can consider going to the opposite side of the field. As long as the opposite side of the field appears in the middle or development road, he can consider going to the opposite side of the red zone or blue zone.With the red buff, Li Xin can consider joining a small group battle, using his light form to clear his line, and using his bully form to avoid lethal control if an enemy tries to charge in.The current version of Li Xin is undoubtedly a T0 level being, and can be called the “supreme warrior”.In the current version, both dark and light messages work well.I don’t know what you think, please leave a comment, like and forward!