The rise of the Dynasty, with the feeling of the “connotation of the beauty” of the Chinese style Hanfu, to create a “Prosperous Chinese era”

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I believe that the girls have a certain understanding of Hanfu.With the rise of the national trend, many traditional Chinese clothes also come into people’s sight. Not only hanfu and cheongsam, but also many people combine hanfu elements with modern clothes to create a different and unique fashion charm.However, the most popular and classic is still the traditional Hanfu, whether it is the full-chested skirt or the Ming Dynasty Hanfu, which is mainly delicate, giving the race a sense of senior elegance.At the same time, with the rise of the national fashion, people’s acceptance and love of Hanfu has gradually increased, and many beautiful women wearing Hanfu can be seen in daily life.However, with the popularity of Hanfu, many kinds of hanfu have come into people’s sight, leading to the beauty of not knowing how to choose.At the same time, the hanfu market becomes confused, and it becomes difficult for people to choose high-end hanfu regardless of whether the shape is correct or whether the workmanship is advanced.If you are also interested in Hanfu, and do not know how to choose a high sense of hanfu, then the content of this episode should not be missed, the rise of the country, feel the “connotation beauty” of the Chinese style Hanfu, create a “Prosperous China”, release the inherent charm of Chinese children.When choosing Hanfu, the most important thing is the fabric of Hanfu. Many hanfu give people the feeling of being clear and natural, creating an ethereal effect.Of course, except for Hanfu made in the Ming Dynasty, most of the chest-length or waist-length skirts need clear fabrics for support, and only if the clothing fabric is high enough, can it better show the elegance and indifference of Hanfu.Many Hanfu will use yarn fabric, detailed girls also know the impact of yarn fabric texture level on clothing, so if you want to create a high-level sense, then the fabric must pass the test.Clear nature or the fabrics that bring burnish sense can increase the advanced sense of dress.In addition to the most basic fabric, the matching color of Hanfu is also very important.If you want hanfu to look more unique and advanced, the overall color coordination needs to have enough sense of fit and integration.For example, if you choose nude hanfu, you can use brown and naked pink to create a simple and advanced effect.Of course, you can also try to match colors with more design sense. For example, red and green are common in Hanfu, which can give people a clear and natural effect with a strong sense of contrast.If you observe carefully, you will find that most of the Hanfu will choose color, which can increase the sense of design and eye attraction of Hanfu, and present a more advanced effect.Of course, during the five thousand years of China, different dynasties had their own costumes.For example, a chest-length skirt, a waist-length skirt, a Song skirt and a Ming skirt can all give people a different sense of visual surprise.When choosing skirt, you can choose the version most suitable for yourself according to your own preferences and figure, which can better show an elegant sense.Finally, in addition to Hanfu, we also need to pay attention to the overall makeup and hair collocation. I believe that the sisters who understand Hanfu should be clear that hanfu of different shapes and forms has different makeup and hair coordination, which will create the effect of Chinese beauty on the whole, and will be more amazing.Of course, with the changes of The Times, Hanfu can also be integrated into People’s Daily life, and can also be combined with modern makeup, presenting the diversified effects of Hanfu.Come and feel the beauty of the national style. A number of hanfu styles will create a “prosperous era” and release the introverted beauty of Chinese women.Yellow as the main body, with delicate flower embroidery, to the race of senior gentle feeling, with red double ear knot to increase the overall bright spot, looks more unique and senior.At the same time, with blue dark grain printing large sleeve unlined upper garment, increase the overall relaxed and natural feeling, at the same time, yarn fabric can easily create a feeling of ecstasy, it looks like luo Shen descend to earth, a sense of fairy.With tang dynasty makeup and delicate hairstyle, make the overall shape more complete, let a person feel the beauty of Hanfu more obviously.However, full-chsted Han fu did not use upper garment, but gave the race elegant charm, looking very unique and beautiful.Based on delicate floral upper garment, matched with royal blue printed full skirt and white double ear knot, it can well show a refreshing and elegant feeling and give the race the effect of spring breeze.With yellow cloth is to increase the overall sense of beauty, it looks more clever breath when walking, with delicate makeup and makeup hair, to the elegant atmosphere of the race feeling, very delicate and advanced.The beginning of Tang dynasty style will give people a more gorgeous atmosphere, the same chaste Confucian skirt, with wine red and orange color as the main tone, more can give people a sense of the tang Dynasty dream, at the same time in the edge with delicate printing design, more can show the atmosphere of clothing.Striped jinyuan Qidi large sleeve jacket with purple flower damask long skirt, to create the original Beauty of China.Complete with a complete bun and makeup, the beauty is a complete part of the early Tang Dynasty.