Want to win the Asian Games?LCK press conference to discuss the possibility of players, this time does not rule out overseas?

2022-04-24 0 By

Recently, LCK officially launched a press conference, in which the focus of the Asian Games selection ideas.The official attitude of LCK can be seen that they attach great importance to the selection of this Asian Games.First of all, they focused on two players, scout and Viper, who performed well in EDG. It can be seen from the official opinions and attitudes of LCK that they were very friendly to these two players and did not choose to exclude them.Lck after the conference has been clear about the point, the selection will not rule out overseas player, but put all the players on into the choice of, this means that the Lck themselves clearly, predominantly Lck selection is to choose is not a particularly strong players, they have to admit, now arrived at LPL Han Yuan much stronger than local.In particular, EDG’s two Korean players, Viper and Scout, both made outstanding performances at EDG. Without the double C’s, EDG would not be able to pass the threshold of the world championship.Lck’s attitude means that both Viper and Scout are likely to make the Asian Games roster this time around, but it’s not a good decision for Lck.This year, they may choose from THE LCK because of the Asian Games, but if they decide to add overseas players, not excluding any Korean players, there will be more talent loss in the transfer period this year or next year.But for LCK, there is no way out.Now LCK is facing the situation of lack of money. If they reject overseas players to enter the selection process, LCK will have a lot less choices and may face the embarrassing situation of not selecting better players.In fact, LCK made a decision this time, but also released their helplessness for the current LCK situation.LCK has won many world champions in the past, and it is their pride that they do not choose overseas players. It is their confidence that they can choose stronger players at home.But over the years, LPL has caught up and scored some good results.Lck won only one world championship in those four years, and the rest of the time he even became a companion runner.Lck had a chance to win the championship this year, but EDG won GEN and DK in the final four.After four years of failure, LCK has also recognized its own situation and realized that overseas players are indeed stronger than local players. This is the attitude and significance they want to express in this press conference.For overseas athletes, the Asian Games this time is quite attractive.If they win the championship, they can apply for exemption from military service in the future, which is a great temptation for Korean players.However, before the S12 final Four competition began, many Korean players and viewers felt scout and Viper were the weakest, and even released a strength poster, in which Scout and Viper occupied a relatively small position and space, which was also a naked insult to the two.Will Scout and Viper really succumb to the temptation to participate in the Asian Games after LCK insulted both of their strengths?I believe this is what audiences are most looking forward to.Will LCK finally select Viper and Scout for the Asian Games?Let’s wait and see!