Ajiao ex-husband Lai Hongguo proposed successfully, is about to usher in the third marriage

2022-04-25 0 By

Gillian’s ex-husband Lai Hongguo has proposed to pop the question and is about to marry for the third time, Taiwan media reported on Wednesday.Lai’s girlfriend Alice posted the ring on her social media platform with the caption, “Yes, I do.”In the interview, Lai hongguo also admitted that he had a stable partner, neither admitted nor denied, but for such a statement, many netizens feel that Lai hongguo is tacit to the report.Before that, Lai Hongguo and Ajiao after divorce, mental state has not been very good, but also revealed to suffer from depression, not only thin body, life is greatly affected, did not expect, divorce a year there is a new emotional trend.It is reported that Lai Hongguo took Alice home to meet his parents, and Alice used to be a stewardess, the same occupation as Lai Hongguo’s first wife. It seems that Lai Hongguo is also fond of stewardess.According to lai hongguo’s friends, Alice not only has a good figure, but also has a high level of appearance. As a stewardess, it can be said that she has a good figure, good appearance and excellent temperament.In this way, Alice’s hardware conditions are far better than Gillian’s.In May last year, Lai hongguo revealed that he was suffering from depression, loss of appetite, weight loss of 18 kg, and said that his divorce had ruined his life.Unexpectedly, he said that just over two months, new love, and now even proposed to his new girlfriend.