China team 1 to 3 Vietnam team, fan: against the strong Vietnam team, the national football team lost the injustice

2022-04-25 0 By

Encounter strong Vietnam team, the national football team not injustice!First, please note that the following text will be all ridicule, as a fan’s inner dissatisfaction of a vent, if it will cause you discomfort, please avoid!We lost a hopeless 0-2 against Japan.Meet the Japanese team shadow but players strength is not strong Vietnam team, we, and live up to expectations lost 1 to 3!Two days ago, when the Women’s soccer team beat the Vietnamese women’s soccer team 3-1, I was worried that the victory would boost the morale of the Vietnamese men’s soccer team, and also sent the National soccer team to a 3-1 defeat.(See Figure 2) But at this moment, there is no joy in my heart, this is the darkest moment for all football people!I was ready to write about National football team and Chinese Super League this year, but today I have broken my dignity. Tomorrow I will pay New Year’s greetings to my former company leader with good wine for personal enjoyment.Ha ha ha!Over the New Year, watching a football game, accidentally lost his job and dignity, who to provoke who?# China lost to Vietnam 1:3 #