Do you know how Japan advertised their invasion of China during the Anti-Japanese War?

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Do you know how Japan advertised their invasion of China during the Anti-Japanese War?When the Japanese captured Shanghai, Nanjing and Wuhan, there was national celebration, dancing, drinking all night, and even 80-year-old Japanese women took to the streets and paraded in celebration of their victory.Among them, there is a strange example, a Japanese tram woman driver, her husband went to China as a soldier, she in order to let her husband peace of mind in China to fight, unexpectedly jumped off a building, what is the meaning?It’s telling her husband, don’t worry about your wife, your wife is dead, you can now focus on fighting in China, to the point of perversion.The Japanese have forgotten that China is actually their cultural mother country. Without China, Japan doesn’t even have a written language. But Japan is a strange nation.And more vicious, more vicious, more brutal than any other nation.If you don’t completely defeat it, it won’t have a memory. For example, in 663, the Tang Dynasty fought a battle with the Japanese at Baijiangkou. At that time, the Japanese army had 42,000 men and more than 1,000 warships, while the Tang dynasty only had 13,000 men and 170 warships.The Japanese army was completely destroyed, honest 1,000 years;Until the Ming Dynasty, Japanese pirates began to come over, the result was also a crushing defeat.A few hundred more years of honesty.To the Manchu Dynasty, was finally seized an opportunity by Japan, in the Sino-Japanese naval war won China, then out of control, bullying China for nearly half a century, to the Anti-Japanese War, China’s national strength has become the weakest period in history, did not expect, out of a genius MAO Zedong, and defeated Japan.In the Korean War, Japan saw That China had defeated the United States, and then they began to behave again.