Eat tangyuan, guess lantern riddles, Hengyang high speed Tanshan Tsui service area volunteer service lively celebration of the Lantern Festival

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Hunan high-speed group Hengyang branch white crane paving production brigade joint crane shop maintenance for the passengers on the road to love dumplings.Hongnet moment Hengyang February 16 news (correspondent Jiang Qiuliang) “Sweet dumplings!”Mr. Wang, who was passing tanshan Tsui service area of S71 Hua-Chang Expressway, took a bowl of hot glutinous rice balls from volunteers and praised them while eating.”Today is the Lantern Festival, I wish your family reunion, safe journey.””Thank you uncle missing dumplings, I will bring the missing home.”A little girl from Hubei province couldn’t be happier.February 15, on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month Lantern Festival, Hunan high-speed group Hengyang branch white crane paving production brigade joint crane shop maintenance in S71 Hua-chang high-speed Tanshan Zizhi service area, for the laborious passengers to send the Lantern Festival love dumplings and full of love.In addition to the hot dumplings, the service area also prepared many lantern riddles to meet the occasion, attracting tourists who came to taste the dumplings to compete in guessing, making the atmosphere of the activity even more lively.”My dad was a straight-A student. He could solve all the riddles.””An inch of time an inch of gold (hit a place)” “ha ha, ‘Guiyang’!””Mute sign language (hit a idiom)” “I know this, ‘self-evident'”.”Sir, you really have something.”The road warden enthusiastically presented the gift to the father of the outstanding student who had solved two riddles in a row.Passengers competed to solve the riddles, and those who solved the riddles happily turned to the staff to exchange gifts.At the same time, the volunteers also issued traffic safety publicity materials to passengers, preaching high-speed driving safety and common sense, to remind passengers to travel safely.”High-speed service area really intimate, not only provides you with free water, traffic guide, also provide free emergency medicine, emergency charger and other services, more guess riddles take gifts, send the activities of the dumplings, for passing the driver friends a lot of convenience and warm service, let us can feel the festive atmosphere of festival on the road.”Liu said with a smile as she ate the dumplings.Warm greetings, bowls of steaming glutinous rice balls, smiling faces and sincere care not only made the majority of our friends feel the warmth of home during their journey, but also further played the service spirit of high-speed street lamp volunteers, which was real and precious, ordinary and great.