Say wuhan several big community group buying platform, why do I like taocai dishes most

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As a wuhan native, I first felt the benefits of community group-buying during the worst of the epidemic.The supermarket downstairs is closed, takeaways are rare, and I don’t have the habit of cooking, but for the community group buying platform, almost ran out of food.After the epidemic, I became a heavy user of community group buying, and witnessed the “tactics” among various platforms to compete for users.It may be because during the epidemic, people have formed the habit of using community group buying. Compared with other areas, community group buying in Wuhan has a strong momentum of development and fierce competition.It can be said that there is no offline store can stay away from the issue, whether it is the grocery store, chain convenience store, small hotel, tobacco hotel, fruit store, hardware store, have become the community group purchase self point.People in Wuhan are also used to the daily life of placing orders on mobile phones and picking them up in small shops the next day.For me, although Duoomai offers the lowest price among the major community group-buying platforms in the market, taocai is my favorite dish.The reason is also very simple, because of competition, the price of goods on several large platforms is not much different, but the quality of goods is the highest among them, and the food delivery is more timely, there will be no delay.I always thought this is my own subjective feeling, but when surfing the Internet, recently came across a Orient securities research report, continues to break through the agile organization to upgrade, sinking scene & ali tao, tao dish dish depth report, the report had an interview with the wuhan local more than 200 head, made a careful investigation, found the head of the views and I almost.In the report said, Wuhan people generally believe that taocai food goods quality is the best, the most timely performance, comprehensive user reputation is the best, the return rate is the lowest, quality users will pay attention to the buyback.The head of the site is also more willing to recommend, especially for high quality head, Amoy dishes are more liked by its.The conclusions drawn by the report are basically consistent with my experience in daily life.As an ordinary person, when the prices are not much different, WHAT I pay more attention to is not which platform’s goods are cheaper, but which community’s group purchase products are of better quality, can fulfill the contract speed, and can send the goods to the site faster.Buy food from Tao CAI CAI, place an order today, and almost 100% of the goods can be received before 12 o ‘clock the next morning. Most of the time, the goods can be successfully picked up around 11 o ‘clock, and then prepare for lunch.Taocai was able to do this because it had alibaba Group backing it, the report said.Other community group buying platforms need to find other suppliers, but Tao CAI can rely on hema Xiansheng, RT-Mart, Retail Link, 1688, Tao Te and other sources of supply.In fact, these platforms are also common platforms in my daily life. Now taocai dishes gather them together, and use them not only without psychological burden, but also feel more convenient.About my curious tao CAI dish price and performance ability, Oriental Securities research report also helped me answer.Because Taocai dishes rely on Ali ecology, they can obtain primary sources of upstream origin/manufacturers. The bargaining power formed by scale effect can form flexible space for the price of Taocai dishes, and have more price advantages than purchasing from the second batch of suppliers.In terms of logistics, in order to ensure the ability to fulfill the contract, Taocai dishes in the selection of franchisees, prefer shang Jia, Fa network, Weijie and other logistics experience is more sufficient, cash flow is more sufficient, professional operation is stronger, better stability of the professional logistics background of the big business.Tao CAI dishes in the grid warehouse settlement costs (postage) is higher, the grid warehouse profit is expected to be better, sufficient power for sorting and driver personnel, sorting speed is faster, drivers run faster, which effectively improve the 11 point compliance rate.Orient Securities research shows that in Wuhan, Taocai dishes for 11 o ‘clock compliance rate of the assessment standard is also higher than other platforms.These things, we ordinary consumers are invisible, but can really affect our consumer experience, from this research report, Taocai dishes do put consumer experience in the first place, through various means to ensure that consumers buy at ease, eat at ease.Besides that, one reason I like shopping on Tao CAI CAI is that its cold chain is significantly better than other platforms.As we all know, frozen products are an important category in the community e-commerce, and the quality of the cold chain has a visible impact on the quality of goods.I asked the head who often went to the shop, and they told me that Tao Vegetables require grid warehouses to build constant temperature storehouse, and from the central warehouse to the grid warehouse in the transportation process, the whole process of using cold chain car (three temperature layer warehouse cold chain coverage reaches 100%) + high density insulation box + ice film + dry ice in the form of transportation.And Taocai dishes are transported in the mode of ice coagulate film + dry ice. Most other platforms use ice bags, so that when goods are sent to the head of the team, the frozen rate of goods in Taocai dishes is obviously lower.This is enough to make me a loyal user of tao Dishes.Oriental Securities research report, let me see that Tao CAI CAI is really in the consideration of consumers, it is really using quality services and high-quality goods to win customers, rather than purely rely on low prices to seize the market.In other words, it’s a platform that respects and deserves consumers’ respect.Such a platform is especially precious in this impetuous age.