Talk big reversal rare talk dirty!Rafael Nadal: I can lose but I can’t give up

2022-04-25 0 By

Nadal’s stunning comeback from Dmitry Medvedev to win his 21st Grand Slam title, a normally good-tempered Nadal could not contain his emotions as he talked about his comeback at the press conference, calling it the greatest comeback victory of his career.The two players struggled to the tiebreaker, Medvedev fell behind in the tiebreaker to achieve a break, the score to 5-5, the balance of victory seems to be tipped to Medvedev.Nadal also expleted about the break, using a rare “F” word at his press conference.”I was like, ‘Damn it,’ I’m going to lose like I did in 2012 and 2017.But I’m going to fight.I can lose, I can win, the most important thing is that I can’t give up, I told myself to keep fighting, to stay mentally strong, and that’s what I did, I played great at the end.”Nadal, who became the first player to win an Australian Open final after losing two sets, hailed the historic comeback. “It’s the greatest comeback of my tennis career, if you take everything into account,” he said.Asked how he fought back, Nadal said he fought until the end. “It was a dangerous situation, but everything is possible, everything is unpredictable.I lost too many matches in Melbourne and sometimes the luck didn’t go my way and I just wanted to keep going to the end and give myself a chance.I wouldn’t forgive myself if I didn’t fight to the end and it’s great to be home with the trophy now.””I was tired after the first two sets,” Nadal said. “I had the chance to win the second set, but I was a little nervous.It’s like that against Medvedev, he’s very smart, he has a game-changing mentality, he can find the answers to the problems, and that’s why I’m sure he’ll be a great champion and be able to win more Grand Slam titles.”On how he felt about winning his 21st Grand Slam title, Nadal said: “I’m devastated, to be honest.I am very happy, no words can describe how satisfied, he is now feeling is quite special, at the same time, I feel incredible, can’t believe after all the bad things in the past few months, I scored the game is how to survive, in my opinion, I always keep the spirit and belief, this is one of the most exciting match my tennis career.”Leading 40-0 in the sixth game of the third set, Medvedev did not break serve.Nadal said he was lucky to save the match. “If you fight and persevere, you find a way, and of course I was lucky to save the moment.I lost in 2012, 2014 and 2017, and it could be the same for me today, and I have injuries.But I feel lucky tonight, AND I tried my best and I worked really hard to get back on the court and give myself a chance to continue playing tennis.”It is worth mentioning that Nadal has surpassed Roger Federer and Novak Djojo to lead the competition for “Greatest Player of all time” by winning his 21st career title.”I don’t change my opinion,” nadal said. “For me, to win another Grand Slam at this time of my career is fantastic. It’s very important.I don’t care if I’m the best player of all time, I enjoy today, it means everything to me, doesn’t it?Winning my second Australian Open title means more to me than anything and today’s victory was an unexpected achievement.””Just a month and a half ago, I was talking about maybe my last Australian Open,” nadal said. “But now I have stage ability again. I can keep going.