The largest cold storage group of Tianjin Port will be put into operation soon

2022-04-25 0 By

China News Service Tianjin, March 25 (reporter Wang Junyan)The Beijing-Tianjin Logistics Park project, the largest cold storage complex in Tianjin port, has been accepted, marking the project will soon be put into operation, tianjin Port Group said Wednesday.As the “first kilometer” for the entry of imported goods, Beijing-Tianjin Logistics Park will also link with Beijing Tongzhou Inland Port project to provide food supply services for large-scale sports and cultural events, various international conferences, headquarters groups of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, large entertainment centers, large business districts and other consumer centers.It is reported that the project covers an area of 176,000 square meters, the construction of a total storage capacity of about 60,000 tons of 1 automatic cold storage and 2 high shelf cold storage, as well as constant temperature warehouse, normal temperature warehouse and supporting facilities, including an area of about 1100 square meters of frozen cutting processing center;At the same time, the container yard is about 70,000 square meters.The project has a comprehensive service platform integrating storage, inspection, processing, transportation and distribution, display and trade, food safety traceability and supply chain services. It is equipped with auxiliary facilities such as frozen products cutting center to carry out simple processing business such as cutting and sub-packing.Tianjin Port Group introduced that the park has also made innovations and attempts in green energy saving and environmental protection.In order to reduce carbon emissions, the cold storage uses carbon dioxide superimposed on chlorofluorocarbon refrigeration technology.At the same time, photovoltaic clean renewable green energy can be developed on the roof of the site to achieve “in-situ power generation and local electricity consumption”.According to the introduction, compared with the traditional energy supply model, the total annual carbon reduction project is expected to reach 4,000 tons.In the next step, The Beijing-Tianjin Logistics Park will focus on the storage, inspection and processing of the cold chain industry to provide supporting services and supply chain services, and explore a new development model of the cold chain industry through big data, cloud computing, block chain and other scientific and technological means.