This is the first time in the world that more than 1,000 hydrogen cars will help “green Winter Olympics”.

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Source: Financial Union Financial Union (Beijing, reporter Li Jiajia) news, The Beijing Winter Olympics will officially open tomorrow, hydrogen travel is also known as a major highlight of this Winter Olympics.”Green Winter Olympics” demonstration first, hydrogen fuel cell industry chain is expected to meet new opportunities.”The Winter Olympics created several firsts: for the first time, more than a thousand fuel-cell vehicles were in operation;The first large-scale use of fuel cell vehicles as the main transport capacity in a large international competition;For the first time, domestic independent technology and international first-class brands compete on the same track;”This is the first time that a new energy vehicle has been used in a field for several months (including a warm-up race) in a cold winter.”Guodian hydrogen chief CTO Chai Maorong told financial union reporters.The Beijing Winter Olympics is expected to be the first of its kind to be carbon-neutral. All 26 venues in three sports areas will be powered by “green electricity”, with hydrogen as the main energy source.According to the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympics, more than 1,000 hydrogen-powered vehicles with more than 30 refueling stations will be on display at the Beijing Winter Olympics, the world’s largest demonstration of fuel cell vehicles.During the Winter Olympics, the temperature is as low as minus 30 or 40 degrees Celsius, which means that the low temperature environment demands higher start-up and endurance of new energy vehicles.Why use hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in mountains?Chai maorong believes that the Winter Olympics and summer Olympics are different, more than 70 percent of the events are in the mountains.Whether in Chongli in Zhangjiakou or Haituo Mountain in Yanqing, the temperature on the mountain is below minus 20 degrees Celsius.Electric cars don’t work well at these low temperatures.In addition, there is an altitude difference of 1500 meters from bottom to top in Yanqing Race area. The journey from downtown Beijing to Yanqing is all uphill, which is also a test of the climbing ability of lithium battery electric vehicles.Compared to flat ground, the power consumption of climbing is much higher.The key of fuel cell application is to be able to achieve the consistency of stable operation, durable 10000 hours trouble-free operation, so as to achieve the application of passenger cars and other vehicles.”Adaptability to low temperature is an important test for the Winter Olympics.”Shanghai Shenli Technology Co., Ltd. technical staff introduced to the financial Union reporter, during the event, the lowest temperature in Zhangjiakou is close to -30℃, buses need to run in zhangjiakou low temperature environment, good performance.Industry insiders expect that after the Winter Olympics, the national level will increase support for hydrogen fuel cell applications.According to the sales plan and target of fuel cell vehicles proposed by various provinces, the total annual sales of domestic fuel cell vehicles will exceed 100,000 units by 2025, and hydrogenation stations will exceed 1,000 units, which means that the sales scale of hydrogen vehicle market will increase by more than 10 times in the next four years.Guolian Securities analysts believe that hydrogen fuel cell core materials such as gas diffusion layer, catalytic layer and proton exchange membrane are in the accelerated research and development, and are generally in the testing and verification stage.As it is expected to take 2-3 years from sample testing to mass production, it is expected that the hydrogen fuel cell industry chain will fully realize localized supply in the next 2-3 years.Chai Maorong told Caiassociated news agency that the domestic hydrogen industry chain has not been broken through, except for guodian Hydrogen Energy Company has a production line, basically few enterprises have a production line, it needs two to three years to improve capacity, hydrogen fuel cell industry really erupt may need about three years.It is reported that Beiqi Foton not only uses the fuel cell system of Toyota and Ehuatong, but also uses the hydrogen bus of the “Hydrogen Teng” brand of The State Power Investment Group Hydrogen Technology Development Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the State Power Investment Hydrogen Energy Company).On October 21, 2021, 30 hydrogen buses equipped with “hydrogen teng” fuel cell system were officially delivered at BEIqi Futian Industrial Park.Yutong is also using domestic powertrains.On December 15, 30 Yutong hydrogen buses equipped with “hydrogen teng” fuel cell system were officially delivered to Hydrogen Power Technology Service Co., LTD, providing green transportation guarantee for the Winter Olympics in Yanqing.It is reported that Beiqi Foton, Yutong are using “Hydrogen Teng FCS80 type fuel cell system”, this product reactor rated power of 115KW, can realize the low temperature of minus 30℃ start, to meet the low temperature operation requirements of northern cities.In addition, the fuel cell system has been fully material-independent.Chai maorong said the state Power Investment Corporation will invest nearly 200 hydrogen buses, including 150 from Yutong and 50 from Foton, equipped with a fully developed hydrogen fuel cell system.Provide yanqing competition area service 60, Beijing competition area service 90.50 ready.”It is reported that the “Hydrogen proton” FCS80 fuel cell system, which is carried by hydrogen buses, has a rated net output of 80 kW. It is developed and designed in accordance with vehicle specifications and produced by IATF16949 quality system. It can start at a low temperature of minus 30 degrees Celsius, meeting the low temperature operation requirements of northern cities.Hydrogen buses can carry up to 48 passengers, with a design speed of 100 km/h and a pure hydrogen endurance of about 450 km, adapting to road conditions such as low temperature and hill climbing.At present, hydrogen buses have completed 2,000 kilometers of road tests.From October 25, 2021, the first batch of 30 hydrogen bus baic registration on January 20, 2022, the hydrogen buses have repeatedly involved in yanqing division test activities and staff before the commuter transportation security work and other transportation services, in the cold high altitudes accumulated nearly more than 110000 kilometers, the longest single passenger travel nearly 400 km.By the filling station Guarantee normal operation of the hydrogen buses, China power zhongguancun yanqing garden wisdom hydrogenation, charging station is closed loop outside the 2022 Beijing Olympics transport infrastructure, is currently the only company of Beijing “two card” (business license, hydrogen cylinders filling certificate and business license) formalities complete filling stations,The daily hydrogenation capacity is more than 1000 kg (12 hours), and it can fuel 60-80 hydrogen buses every day. After refueling, each bus can run nearly 400 kilometers.During the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, it is expected to fill 15 domestically developed 35 mpa hydrogen fuel cell buses with hydrogen every day, with a daily hydrogen filling volume of nearly 240 kg. During the whole winter Olympics, it is expected to fill 10 tons of hydrogen with 735 vehicle times, which can replace 42.5 tons of diesel and reduce carbon dioxide by 153.4 tons.Emission reduction nitrogen oxide 2.975 tons.Meanwhile, Weisan Road Hydrogenation Station, the first commercial fixed hydrogenation station in Hebei Province, has also been put into use.During the Winter Olympics, there will be four hydrogenation stations built by Houpu directly to provide hydrogenation services for the Winter Olympics.In order to ensure the safe operation of hydrogenation stations during the Winter Olympic Games, Houpu Group actively set up the Winter Olympic Hydrogen energy transportation team, and 10 houpu technical service personnel have settled in Zhangjiakou and Beijing Yanqing.On the eve of the Spring Festival, hydrogenation stations in the Winter Olympic Games have already met a small peak of hydrogenation, among which the daily refueling capacity of Xiwanzi hydrogenation station in Chongli of Sinopec in Zhangjiakou is 1.2 tons. It is expected that during the Winter Olympic Games, the refueling task of the station will reach 1.6 tons per day, which will guarantee the hydrogen fuel supply of 143 buses and 80 cars.The Sinopec Beijing Yanhua Xinglong Oil-hydrogen joint Construction Station in Yanqing is expected to have a refueling capacity of 1.08 tons per day during the Winter Olympics, which will guarantee hydrogen fuel supply for 72 buses.