Warmest reunion on New Year’s Eve

2022-04-25 0 By

On the evening of January 31, 2022, the police and auxiliary officers of Qingbo Police Station of Shangcheng District Branch of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau were having dinner on New Year’s Eve when a couple rushed in and asked anxiously, “My old man is lost!Can you help me!”After hearing for help, the leadership on duty wang Haiming immediately put down chopsticks, led the police on duty Hu Zhenghao, timely to the situation of the lost old man was asked.After learning, it turned out to be his 93-year-old mother lost in binjiang this afternoon, so far failed to find, the family is extremely anxious.”We are already checking the surveillance, please don’t worry!”In the understanding of the situation, police Hu Zhenghao then pacify the emotions of the alarm, and quickly notify the synthetic team zhu Junpeng, while the characteristics of the lost old man and lost time sent to the work group, online search for the old man’s track of action.While informing the police Chen Zhaojian launched the road police to find the lost old man.With a tense search, the police through a synthetic operation, finally found on the monitoring of the old man near the Tongjiang Bridge on the bus, and repeatedly change, the final track stayed near the Dajing lane and drum Tower Hall.At this time, the intercom came the good news of the police Chen Zhaojian: “lost old man found in the southern Song Imperial street!”With the help of the police, he saw his aged mother return safely and thanked the police again and again: “Thank you!Thank you so much!”.After more than half an hour of busy work, the police returned to the canteen, and put up the rice bowl again, although the dishes have become cold, but the police are warm in the heart, and said with a smile: “We ate a meaningful New Year’s Eve dinner!”Follow uptown Police tiktok tiktok tiktok