What is the meaning of Grade III energy consumption and Grade III energy consumption

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– Level-3 and Level-3 energy consumption are the energy consumption levels of refrigerators, which are the 24-hour power consumption.In today’s electrification, electrical products are an indispensable part of our life, it can be said that the application of electrical appliances not only brings great convenience to our families, but also promotes the development of society.When it comes to electrical products, we have to mention the product of air conditioning, because air conditioning can be seen everywhere in our life.1, the first level of energy efficiency is the a method of classification of air conditioning products energy efficiency high and low sales on the market at present is the new national standard of energy efficiency of air conditioning, the levels of energy efficiency of air-conditioning energy saving, 2 levels of energy efficiency of air conditioning second, three levels of energy efficiency of air conditioning energy is lower, level 4, 5, constant speed air conditioning is energy-intensive products have been eliminated.2. What is the energy efficiency label?Energy Efficiency Label refers to the information Label attached to energy-using products, mainly used to indicate the Energy performance of products (usually in the form of Energy consumption, Energy Efficiency, etc.).This logo in daily life, mainly for consumers to purchase decisions to provide necessary information, that is to say, when we buy products, can be used as one of the choices.3. The last air conditioning efficiency grade is the energy efficiency ratio of air conditioning, which is the ratio of rated cooling capacity and rated power consumption.The biggest difference between the energy efficiency grades of air conditioning is in the energy consumption ratio.Grade 1 indicates that the product has reached the international advanced level of power saving and the lowest energy consumption.Grade two means the product is more energy-efficient.Grade 3 indicates that the energy efficiency of the product is the average level of the Chinese market.