Zhao Yang no. 28!Freestyle skiing men’s moguls Qualification: The second qualifying round will be held

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Beijing time on February 3, the Beijing Winter Olympic Games into the second day.Zhao Yang of China competed in the qualification of men’s moguls freestyle skiing. Zhao Yang of China ranked 28th in the final and will participate in the second qualification round on 6th.In the men’s moguls freestyle skiing event, Canada’s Mikael Kingsbury, a gold medalist at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, is the favorite.Japan’s Yumaku Horijima is also worth watching, having beaten Kingsbury three times this season.Kazakhstan’s Kormakov scored 74.09 points.The second entry was Finland’s Phuntala, whose second platform was a 1080, and he got 75.95 points.Next up was McDonald of the United States, who finished in 76.27 in 25.41 seconds.Matheson of Australia, who came fourth, made some mistakes on his first somersault, and finished well on his second jump with 71.86 points for a smooth sprint.Next is the third seed Of Sweden’s Valberg, the last 24.16 seconds to finish the race, 79.12 points jumped to the first.Later, France’s Carver scored 78.40 points, provisional second place.Zhao Yang of China came in seventh. He finished well on the first platform and landed smoothly on the second. He finished with 61.47 points in 28.09 seconds, placing seventh.Next up was Switzerland’s Thade, who was fifth with 74.48 points.Next up was Australia’s Larry Summers, who finished in 24.46 seconds and scored 75.66.The seventh seed of The Japanese player Dazhi Yuan appeared, and finally finished the game in more than 25 seconds, scored 76.11 points temporarily ranked the fourth;She was followed by Sa Matsuda of Japan with 73.35 points.Next up was Australia’s Mikael Topalovic with 74.65 points.Then came the Russian Olympic team player Andreyev, the first platform down a little out of control, but the landing is a big mistake only 67.39 points;Elofsson of Sweden turned 1080 on the first platform and got 73.24 points.In 15th place was Salonen of Finland, who finished the race in the last 24.30 seconds and scored 76.39 points to jump into third place.Japan’s Yumaku Horijima followed. His first dive was clean, but his second was a bit shaky and he finished with 74.40 points.Teoshari of France had some trouble in the back, which affected his performance on the second platform, and finished with 70.50 points.Elofsson of Sweden made some mistakes and scored 69.26 points.Japan’s Yukike Sugimoto completed both the turn and the somersault to finish fifth with 76.26 points.Next up was Dimai of Canada, who was noticeably short of height on the second platform, scoring only 69.76 points.Walczyk of the United States played a solid game and finished in the top 10 with 75.86 points.Kazakh veteran Reichord got 75.43 points with a somersault and grab board, temporarily placing him in 10th place.American Wilson skidded straight off the track and lost the race.Kingsbury of Canada, the top seed, played a solid game, finishing in 24.71 seconds, a high score of 81.15 points to first place.Russia’s Nowitzki finished with a shaky finish, scoring 74.71 points and failing to crack the top 10.Britain’s Finelli played smoothly, but the difficulty of the movement was not so good, only got 70.23 points.Australia’s Graham skidded off the runway, also scoring zero points.Page of the United States crossed the line in 24.36 seconds and failed to make the top 10 with 70.71 points.Sweden’s Fejelstrom finished the race very smoothly and scored 76.20 points to finish in the top 10.In last place was Finnen Wierele, who lost control of his start and scored 69.66 points.