A female prison guard in Ireland is being investigated after she was found to be having an affair with a prisoner

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A female prison officer who discovered a female colleague was having an affair with an inmate was threatened with physical harm if she went public with the affair.The Irish Police and Prison Service have launched separate investigations into the incident and subsequent threats.Details of the relationship between one of the two guards and the prisoner emerged last week while they were on a beach holiday abroad.One of the guards discovered that her colleague had been sharing intimate text messages with the inmate, who was in prison for drug crimes.The two have been video-chatting.The guards confronted her colleagues and expressed her shock.However, shortly afterwards, the prisoner contacted her on her mobile phone and warned her that she would be harmed if she revealed details of the relationship.It is not clear how the inmate, who is serving his sentence, obtained details of her mobile phone number.After receiving threats, prison officers made contact with her prison.They advised her that the best thing was to go home at once.She decided to do just that and cut her vacation short.Upon her return, she was interviewed by the prison authorities and the seriousness of the threats she had received was assessed.The Irish Police Service has since been contacted by the Irish Prison Service, which is now investigating the matter.A number of emergency searches were carried out at the prison over the weekend and mobile phones, which had been used by the prisoners, were recovered.It was not immediately clear whether the prisoners had been interviewed by prison authorities.The prison officer involved could be suspended, but it is unclear what time frame the investigation will take.A spokesman for the Prison Service said: “The Irish Prison Service does not comment on ongoing investigations.”The use of mobile phones in prisons is an ongoing security concern.Relationships between guards and inmates in Irish jails are unusual, but not unheard of.A few years ago, a male officer at a women’s prison was suspended and then left after it was discovered that he had been having an affair with a female inmate and had been living in a house to care for her young child.In another incident in recent years, a female guard at another prison was strongly suspected of having a relationship with an inmate who was considered to have committed a serious crime.Although no concrete evidence of the relationship was obtained, the female guard was moved to the other side of the prison.Since then, according to different sources who were present at the time, she has often tried to revisit her old wing, but is closely monitored whenever she is there.