A “red delivery team” runs in a warm Heart community

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Abstract: There are more than 2000 households in the community. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention, residents in the community do not go out of their homes at that time. Therefore, the responsibility of this team is to be responsible for purchasing and distributing residents’ dishes, medicines and daily necessities.The team ranged in age from 52 to 23, and the youngest volunteer was a woman, Mabo said.During outbreaks, Ma Bo is xi ‘an yanta district long delay fort east instrument community neighborhood a member of the whims of the eastern district red distribution team, he said, neighborhood a total of more than 2000 households, according to the request of epidemic prevention, community residents never leave home at that time, so, it is the duty of the team responsible for buying, distribution of residents in food, medicine, daily necessities, etc.The team ranged in age from 52 to 23, and the youngest volunteer was a woman, Mabo said.Different packing over vegetables at 3 in the morning at 8 o ‘clock to send food Lynn is running errands this youngest members on the team, on Jan. 25, said Lynn, January 10, she is to join the team, “see running errands team in the group of hard work, I heard short-handed, I want to also have no matter to do at home, and I also have a small tricycle, so contact community applications.””I knew they were very tired before, but after experiencing it myself, I realized they were very tired.But everyone is very motivated and we are always happy when we see a solution for the residents!””We meet at 7:30 in the morning and start work at 8 o ‘clock every day, usually ending at 9 or 10 o ‘clock at night,” xu said.Xu Lin said that the most tired one time, I only had a rest for about four hours in the evening. “A caring enterprise sent love dishes to the community. At about 9 o ‘clock that night, two carts carrying vegetables arrived at the gate of the community.We bagged the food overnight so that everyone would receive it early, and it was already past 3 a.m.Everyone took a break, and door-to-door deliveries started at 8 a.m.The residents thanked us so much that it was worth it.Xu Lin said: “THERE is a resident, I was very impressed, in the sixth floor, there is a cartoon style painting on the door, above the figure of Baymax, next to the words’ you have worked hard ‘, ‘there are three people in the house’.It was drawn by a family friend. It was so warm!”Dongyi community is a worker community, and there are many elderly people. “Several shopping channels need to place orders online, and it is difficult for many elderly people to use them, so the purchasing agent and running errands in the community are heavy.The highest building in the community is 7 floors, there is no elevator, we will climb up the floor to send.I lost 7kg in 14 days from October 10 to 23.”Lynn said.Reporters from Huashang Daily learned that volunteers will also pay out of their own pockets to buy things for everyone.Song Changjun, director of dongyi Community, is the chief of the team, and the community will also collect residents’ information for help.Once, Song Changjun received a phone call from a resident, surnamed Jiang, who was 80 years old this year. He said that the family was in urgent need of medicine for cerebral infarction. Song Changjun contacted the drugstore quickly, “the people in the drugstore sent the medicine to the door of the community, and then our errand team sent the medicine to the door of Master Jiang.On the evening of January 25, The Reporter of Huashang Daily contacted master Jiang, master Jiang said: “I was worried, I called director Song, did not expect to send the medicine to the door on the same day, thank director Song very much!”Ms. Wei is east instrument community staff, January 28 evening, she said, residents after receiving a phone call, residents need to buy what, immediately write down, and then write down the number, Ms. Wei said, for the elderly, low-income households, we buy distribution of the most;For younger people, they usually order online, and they run errands and send things upstairs.In December 2021, It was time for Li Shu to retire, but he continued to stay in the community to fight the epidemic.During the pandemic, she shopped for many elderly people.Li shu also connected her mobile phone number to the community’s hotline for help.On the evening of January 25, Li shu said, “I received more than 60 phone calls in the morning of January 24, which is not the most.”There are designated online shopping platforms in our communities, but many elderly people are not good at it, so we help them buy food on their behalf.”Li Shu, also a resident of Dongyi District, said, “I was born and grew up here. Everyone is familiar with me. It warms my heart to hear people say thank you!”Li Shu said, “You don’t need to publicize me. I just want to do something quietly for everyone.During the pandemic, everyone pulled together and generally rode out the storm well.”When she made the most calls, She lost her voice, but she stuck to the front line of epidemic prevention.On the evening of January 28, when the reporter’s telephone line was connected, two more calls came in, Li Shu said: “It’s the residents’ phone, I see what help I need.”Hurriedly, Li Shu hung up the reporter’s phone.Wang’s parents live in Dongyi community. “My father is 92 years old and my mother is 88 years old. My father has many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and heart disease.”In a hurry, I called Director Song, the community director, who told me not to worry,” Wang said on Jan. 26.Next, the errand team sent dishes to the old man several times, Ma Bo sent twice, Ms. Wang was relieved.”Father’s medicine is out, I help him buy by the runner team to take medicine sent to the old man’s door.”Ms. Wang said, “the most let her I moved is that the community set up a ‘care for the elderly do’, many old people do not use the network, the community specifically for the elderly to provide services, to help them buy daily necessities, medicine and so on, and delivered to the door.”Ms Wang said: “Thank you so much, I’m really touched!”Ms. Li, a resident of Dongyi community, also had a lot of feelings. During the epidemic, her 10-year-old daughter had acne on her face and needed to buy medicine.”At that time, the errand team specially set up a group to buy medicine, WHEN I entered the group, there were already more than 100 people in the group, all in the dragon.When receiving the dragon, people wrote the name and quantity of the medicine. They wanted to buy different types of medicine. There were many kinds.””The team counts up the building number of each house, the name and quantity of the medicine, and then connects with the pharmacy,” Li said on Jan 26.We paid online, and it was past 11 p.m., and I was already in bed, when I got a call from the errand team saying the medicine had been delivered to my door.I was so touched!They’re running errands so late for everyone!”Li said that her family lives in the building opposite the community office. “Every morning after 6 am, I see the staff already in the opposite side, and I see them arranging things. At 7 o ‘clock, everyone starts to kill and put on protective clothing, and they gather at 7:30.They work too hard!There was no elevator upstairs, so when we delivered vegetables from door to door, we had to walk up the stairs.””They pay so much!Truly great in the ordinary!”Ms. LAN said that, like her neighbors, her family also received vegetables and daily necessities delivered by the errand team. “I saw that many neighbors in the group asked the errand team to buy medicine for them. The head of the building collected the information about buying medicine in the group and handed it to the errand team.Some neighbors have no time to store natural gas, the errand team will help buy natural gas, go upstairs to take the gas card, and then put the card into the property, and then the property and the gas company docking, gas bought, the errand team to send the gas card door to door.”Ms. LAN said that she was deeply impressed by the time the errand team unloaded and divided vegetables. “We were busy until early in the morning, and we started to be busy again in the early morning, delivering vegetables from door to door.During the epidemic, the errand team is very hard very hard!They have made great efforts to help us solve big problems in life. It is their efforts that have enabled us to live a normal life during the epidemic.”Professor Lei Xiaokang, dean of the School of Public Administration (School of Emergency Management) of Northwest University, said communities should have a detailed “bottom line” to learn from cities with mature experience in fighting the epidemic.Before issuing a city-wide lockdown decision, government departments need to systematically consider many issues.All functional departments should plan a “combination of measures” in advance for epidemic prevention and control policies, such as material support, express delivery and logistics, and residents’ medical treatment, which need to be made in detail and released simultaneously at press conferences.In order to lift the restrictions on vehicles and ensure that vehicles are kept on the road, such timely measures are called “policy forward”.When it comes to people’s livelihood and emergency medical treatment, we need to have sufficient equipment and manpower to prevent people from getting help when the hotline 120 is disconnected.Second, the community should have a detailed “bottom line”, and there should be corresponding services.Communities should divide people into different types, such as infants, pregnant women, the sick, the elderly and those living alone, and then open special channels and arrange special manpower to serve these groups.In addition, the community has limited staff, so it needs to recruit volunteers and sunken cadres. In fact, there are many people willing to respond, so the community can arrange personnel to provide services for different types of people.Open channels such as telephone or wechat group, and when the equipment and personnel are sufficient, the phone will be answered by staff, and there will be a response for help. It is necessary to achieve “echo and implementation”.For example, in the community, the small speaker can broadcast: have difficulty can call, the phone is ***.In addition, encouragement to volunteers is very important, such as a small award is a great incentive.Third, when implementing policies at the grassroots level, it is suggested that, under the premise of implementing overall policies, specific cases should be treated in a specific manner, communities should be empowered and at the same time, communities should assume responsibilities, and people should be put first when they meet special requests for help.When frontline personnel encounter help, they need to report to the top, and then have a solution channel and solution.Fourth, after reflection and review, we suggest that we learn from cities with mature experience in fighting COVID-19 and optimize the existing system, so that the problems that have occurred in other cities can be avoided.When other cities are affected, we should not only pay attention to them, but also learn from their experience.Dr Wang Xiaoyong, associate researcher of Shaanxi Academy of Social Sciences: Policy implementation should be flexible and temperature first, beware of excessive law enforcement and abuse of power at the grassroots level.To the grass-roots personnel to have professional training, law enforcement, on the one hand, the responsibility is to implement policies, on the other hand, the responsibility is to solve problems, timely solve the masses for help, “a hard and a soft” both hands to grasp, to law and sentiment.In this way, policy implementation will be flexible and warm.Second, in grass-roots management, policies should not be “one size fits all”.Grassroots should act as a double channel, not only to lower government orders, but also to upload public opinion, reflecting the needs of the people, so as to help the introduction of more optimized policies or measures.Third, during the epidemic in Xi ‘an, non-governmental interaction played a significant role.Such as the interaction between neighbors;Many community group buying groups through ways to meet a lot of buying needs;Virtuous love kitchen benevolence, etc.The epidemic, usually look strange neighborhood relations, in this difficult, warm up, we help each other interaction, the old neighbors care for each other came back.It is suggested that the government should not ignore the power of non-governmental interaction and non-governmental organizations, encourage people to interact and help themselves, and encourage the existence of legitimate non-governmental organizations.Fourth, have contingency plans from top to bottom.Be prepared. Train your front-line control personnel.We are grateful for the dedication of front-line epidemic prevention workers and hope that professional training and systematic division of labor can make everyone’s work more efficient.Fifth, we suggest that all government departments listen to the suggestions of experts, scholars and people from all walks of life, and have a listening and reflection mechanism.In short, the best way is always to follow the same principle: protect the interests of the people.If all policies and measures are guided by this principle, good results will be achieved.Ren Ting, reporter of Huashang Daily Source: Huashang net – Editor of Huashang Daily: Founder Statement: This article is reproduced for the purpose of passing on more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn