China Meteorological Administration (CMA) has issued a work plan for the next three years to comprehensively improve meteorological services for rural revitalization

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Beijing, February 16 (People’s Daily Online) — According to the website of the China Meteorological Administration, the China Meteorological Administration recently issued the Work Plan of Comprehensively Promoting the Rural Revitalization meteorological Service Capacity Improvement (2022 — 2024) (the plan), which stipulates that by 2024,A meteorological service system for rural revitalization that features advanced technologies, integrated mechanisms, sophisticated services, and powerful support has been established and improved. Early warning of meteorological disasters in towns and townships has been basically realized, and agricultural meteorological services have become more refined. 95% of rural meteorological disaster warnings have been received, and the satisfaction rate of rural meteorological services has remained above 90 points.It is reported that the “plan” focuses on improving the meteorological service capacity of rural revitalization, focusing on strengthening the ability of rural meteorological disaster prevention and reduction, improving the refinement level of agricultural meteorological services, promoting meteorological services for agriculture to constantly adapt to and better meet the diversified needs of rural revitalization, and further deepening the research on the impact of climate change on agriculture.We will strengthen scientific and technological support for rural meteorological services and improve their systems and mechanisms.The plan requires meteorological departments of all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) to strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen cooperation among departments, increase input in team building and scientific and technological support, coordinate and organize relevant pilot and demonstration work, and ensure the implementation of various arrangements.At the same time, the plan defines six key tasks: First, we must put people and life first and do our best to prevent and mitigate meteorological disasters in rural areas.We will improve the monitoring and early warning capacity of meteorological disasters in rural areas, and steadily extend meteorological disaster early warning to townships, towns and sub-districts.Strengthen agrometeorological risk prevention, promote the application of rural meteorological disaster comprehensive risk survey results, strengthen the popularization of science;We will improve the cooperation mechanism between rural disaster prevention and mitigation departments, and promote the integration of meteorological services into the comprehensive disaster prevention and mitigation and social governance systems in rural communities.Second, we will focus on service priorities and do our best to ensure meteorological services for national food security.We will provide refined agro-meteorological services by region, crop and disaster species, and establish a national agro-meteorological disaster risk warning service system for grain production and the supply of important agricultural products.We will improve the meteorological support capacity of key agricultural and key users, and establish a sound mechanism for transferring the risk of agrometeorological disasters.Third, we will seek both advantages and avoid disadvantages to provide meteorological services for consolidating and expanding the achievements in poverty alleviation.We will continue to provide targeted and sectoral assistance, continue to promote meteorological services for rural revitalization in poverty-stricken areas, and explore and take action in disaster prevention and reduction and the development and utilization of climate resources.Fourth, adhere to demand-oriented, effectively do a good job in rural development meteorological services.Cooperate with relevant departments to ensure the development of rural industries and extend the agricultural meteorological service chain;Strengthening meteorological service guarantee for rural ecological civilization construction;Effective integration into digital rural development.Fifth, strengthen research and analysis to enhance the ability of agriculture to cope with medium – and long-term climate change.We will strengthen research on agricultural technologies to adapt to climate change, carry out fine zoning of agricultural climate resources, and form a map for zoning of grain crops and major agricultural products nationwide.Sixth, lay a solid foundation for business and vigorously enhance the ability of modern meteorological services for agriculture.China has improved its agricultural meteorological observation capacity, scientifically optimized the content of agricultural meteorological experiments, and established an “intelligent grid forecast + agricultural meteorological service” business system and an intensive service process.The Reporter learned that the China Meteorological Administration and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly issued the 14th Five-year Plan for National Meteorological Development, which clearly proposed the strategy of serving rural revitalization.The level of agricultural meteorological services should be improved and key agricultural meteorological services should be strengthened.We will deepen fine-grained meteorological services for high-standard farmland, explore ways to carry out meteorological services from national seed breeding and production bases, improve global grain yield forecast services, expand the coverage of major crop monitoring, forecast and early warning countries, improve grain yield forecast capabilities abroad, and strengthen national food security.