Did the country subsidize “hair money” again?The subsidy is 500 yuan per household, except for those in the “5 categories”

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With the development of economy, people’s living standard has been steadily improved, people’s life is slowly getting better.In the course of economic development, there are certainly areas with better development and less development, especially in rural and urban development.A country’s economic development is certainly a key, must be the development of the city, which creates a gap between urban and rural is becoming more and more big, the countryside is no factories and enterprises, they only labor income is growing crops, their income is not fixed, therefore they in order to yourself and your family a happy life will work into the city,Creating a lot of empty villages.▲ Economic Development There are only children and old people with no ability to work in the village. The burden of a family is entirely borne by the young.This is the first time that the government has given subsidies to the elderly and children in the village to ease the pressure on the young and make them happier.Each family can receive a subsidy of 500 yuan. 500 yuan is not much, but it can cover food expenses for a month.Can everyone get such a good thing?Of course not. There are five categories of people to be excluded. What are they?Let’s find out.▲ Empty village arbitrarily change the nature of the land residents of the first type of personnel is arbitrarily change the role of the land residents, such residents why can not receive it?We all know that land is used for planting, but there are some people for their own selfish interests would land used for construction of buildings or factories, such behavior is a serious waste of land resources, their profits from this kind of practice for them is more than other residents, so they cannot be subsidised.According to relevant regulations, villagers in rural areas are entitled to land, and they can use the land to grow crops or vegetables, which is in line with the use value of the land.Some rich people or business people, they do not use the land, they will transfer the land to others, after their land is used by others, they can not receive subsidies.In addition to being used for crops, land is also used for trees or fruit and so on, and some people choose to plant trees on cultivated land.In this way, they can also make money and meet the standards of returning farmland to forest, but it does not meet the standards of using the land, the land is used to grow crops, so they can not get the 500 yuan subsidy.Bring about land is used to planting trees for land expropriation is a special crowd such personnel, not don’t want to use their land himself, but the countries impose their land, their land is owned by the state rather than their own, they had no land use right, so won’t be able to receive the corresponding subsidy.The last category of people who waste land is people who waste land. After the state allocates land equally to them, they do not use the land, and their land is abandoned. Their behavior is a serious waste of land.In this case, they cannot receive the 500 yuan subsidy, and what is more serious is that their land is likely to be allocated to other residents.▲ Abandoned land summary: the country to give rural residents five million yuan subsidy is a welfare, but this welfare is not everyone can get, some people at the time of receiving was told not to get affirmation is also a reason, we can see if they are in line with one of the above personnel.