England win the World Cup or Tottenham win the Champions League.

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As we all know, Tom Holland is a famous British film actor. His most representative film role is Spider-Man.In addition, he is one of the more famous fans of Tottenham Hotspur.Before the release of Marvel’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in December last year, Dutchman said in an interview that he was a big fan of Tottenham Hotspur and Son Heung-min, which became a hot topic in fan circles.To repay his Dutch brother’s love, Son celebrated scoring a goal against Brentford in the 14th round of the English Premier League at Tottenham Hotspur stadium in December last year by throwing out a spider’s web.After the game, the two met successfully outside the court and had a good interaction.Currently, Dutchman is on a Road show in Europe to promote his upcoming film uncharted.In an interview, he was asked a tricky question. The football fan had to choose between England winning the World Cup and Tottenham winning the Champions League.”It could be controversial,” Dutchman said.I think England will win the World Cup in 10 years. We can do it.But I don’t think Tottenham can win the Champions League, I want them to win it, so I choose the latter.”Next up is the poaching of Kylian Mbappe.The Dutchman seduced Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappegamon tottenham hotspur at the Ballon d ‘Or awards ceremony hosted by French football magazine France Football.Dutchman: “how about tottenham, my friend?”Mbappe replied: “You can’t do that. It’s impossible.”In response, Dutchman explained the background of the question: “I just wanted to have a try, because Chairman Daniel Levy didn’t do it, so I had to do it.”Do you think England are more likely to win the World Cup or Tottenham to win the Champions League?Leave your thoughts in the comments section.