Going home is supposed to be a time for togetherness, but stay away from people who are trying to persuade you to buy a house

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Spring Festival is coming again. It is the time for family and friends to get together. Many people earn money and buy cars and houses at the end of the year.This year, due to the property market regulation and other reasons, few people bought houses before the year, on the contrary, many families who bought houses with loans have difficulties.Some people stayed away from home because of the epidemic and economic transformation.People who can go home to reunite want to have dinner with relatives that have not been seen for many years.However, this Spring Festival to stay away from those who advise you to buy a house, a little careless mind a heat, perhaps the Spring Festival next year, your life will not be so relaxed and happy.First, no matter how good the home house is, do not buy early people who buy buildings may have made money, but it is difficult to sell second-hand housing.People who work and live in other places, try not to buy buildings in their hometown, although the price is much cheaper than in big cities.Most of the county’s high quality housing is school district housing, perhaps now more popular, or the price is more firm.However, if someone recommended home buying a house, do not agree, this year school district housing reform has tested the water, Shenzhen school district housing lottery enrollment has begun, “rent to buy with the right” is also in the layout, perhaps this year second-hand housing will appear “price wave”, bought will be “cut leek”.Second, the time to buy a house in the county is not yet mature. It has only been half a year since shenzhen’s regulation began on July 15 last year. Although second-hand houses have prices but no market, there is no real decline, and most people are watching and waiting.Third – and fourth-tier cities because of bank restrictions and stop second-hand housing loans, transactions appear cold phenomenon.It is only in some areas that older, smaller and more rural homes have fallen, while prices in the centre have held up better.Speculation tenants in the hands of the house did not ship, because of the real estate tax and other families, there are concerns about the cost of holding the house, but also looking for the opportunity to sell the house, the county house price has just begun to fall.Third, to stay away from the people who advise you to buy a house whether it is good or bad, all those who advise you to buy a house should stay away from, do not appear to buy a house because he said reasonable impulse.The economy is in a tough spot this year, the pandemic is not over, incomes are not going to rise much, and house prices are at historic highs.Perhaps house prices fell, but, not the bottom of the property market, second-hand housing transactions, want to realize a lot of families, many suites simply can not sell.In this case, if you buy a house, you will become a man who takes over.So cancel any plans to buy a house, stay away from people trying to persuade you to buy a house, and avoid risk.There is still a large inventory of second-hand houses, and families in need of money can hardly sell their houses at lower prices.Homebuyers are reluctant to enter the market and low-income people are waiting for rental housing to be launched.The property market changes, the following several people to stay away from the property market, to avoid being hurt by the price wave.01. People with houses in the village should not buy houses in the city for the time being if they have houses in the village. Houses in the county often cost tens of thousands of yuan per unit.Refurbish the village houses, and they can be inhabited for generations.Some people see others to buy a house is very envious, his mind a hot also buy a house, as a result, the depreciation of the house can not be sold, the loss of tens of thousands of yuan or even hundreds of thousands of yuan, too late to regret.If you work and study in the city, renting is also cost-effective, with hundreds of thousands of yuan to live a good life in the village.02, people who are ready to invest and buy houses have been struggling outside for many years. When they have money in their hands, they are ready to return home to invest and buy houses. They also have face in front of the villagers.Among the rich villagers who have returned to their hometowns, there are many people who hold this view. They do not understand the market and risks of the property market. If they invest blindly, they may lose several years of income, which is very risky.Therefore, in the third and fourth tier cities do not have the consideration of investment property, otherwise it will lose everything.With the outflow of county population, the demand for future housing will decrease, which cannot support the current housing price at all.Recently, the news that “Anhui encourages lower down payment ratio” has attracted wide attention. If the property market can thus pick up, many cities will follow suit.However, the risk and harm of buying a house with a low down payment is obvious. If you don’t have a low down payment, how can you pay the loan for decades after buying a house?The developers sold the house, the bank earned the interest, and in the end the high mortgage and interest have to be borne by the buyers themselves.If house prices fall or incomes fall, the possibility of foreclosure is high.So, must be careful, do not buy a house and affect the life.