If wechat really charges monthly, I will choose to continue to use it

2022-04-26 0 By

Wechat as an indispensable chatting software in our life, basically most people have been inseparable from wechat.So many netizens wonder, if wechat is like those video sites, such as iQiyi, Tencent video started to charge a monthly fee, then will you continue to use it?Some netizens have launched a poll on the Internet, and the statistics are surprising, almost 90 percent of people will choose to continue to use wechat.It turns out that wechat is no longer just a chatting tool for many people, or even a tool for eating.First of all, wechat payment is now widely supported, many shops or owners are inseparable from the wechat scan code payment, if not wechat, so many customers’ money they can not receive, so how can not leave wechat.You know, some bosses have to pay hundreds of yuan a month for wechat cash withdrawals, and they don’t care about the dozens of yuan a month of membership fees.Not only that, many people who rely on wechat to make money are also inseparable from wechat. For example, wechat business. You said that if they leave wechat, where should they sell their products?There are some special business, many customers are in wechat that, usually rely on wechat to find business, this kind of people is also inseparable from wechat.In fact, not only these people, now many industries in the market are almost inseparable from wechat, if you suddenly leave wechat even work can not be carried out.So if wechat requires fees, monthly open members can continue to use, or not open members can only use part of the function, I believe many people will choose to open members.Netizens have also voted on how much wechat would be acceptable if it charged monthly.Almost 70 percent of people can accept a monthly fee of less than 10 yuan, 18 percent of people can accept a monthly fee of 20-30 yuan, and the rest can even accept a monthly fee of 30-50 yuan.In fact, according to the trend of wechat monopoly now, to tell the truth, if wechat suddenly charge is also possible, if it is you, you will open a member in order to use wechat?Anyway, I give the answer is that it will, only the monthly fee price is not too outrageous, I will even direct annual package.