On New Year’s Eve, Wu Guiying dispatched inspection work and paid New Year’s greetings to the people of the city

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To changsha people’s New Year New Year’s eve, gui-ying wu and check the running security, duty unattended work changsha city evening news handheld changsha January 31 (all media reporters LingQing Chen Denghui) the more lights, family reunion, changsha city must safe and orderly operation of the city population, the more need someone to reverse, and loyal guardian.On New Year’s Eve, Wu Guiying, member of the Standing Committee of CPC Provincial Committee and Secretary of CPC Municipal Party Committee, walked into changsha emergency command center and went deep into the commercial blocks to check and dispatch the on-duty and key work during the Spring Festival, thanked the comrades who stick to their posts and work hard, and wished the people of the whole city a Happy New Year.City leaders Feng Ziying, Zhu Dongtie, Liu Yongbing, Liu Xinliang attended.In the municipal emergency command center, Wu Guiying checked the real-time pictures of the center’s business district and access channels through the video system, checked the work of Changsha High-tech Zone and all districts and counties (cities) through the line, and listened to the reports of emergency management, urban management, health and other departments on the spot.”Is Hiji Star open?What about supplies?””As the ‘biggest food basket’ in Hunan, Hiji Star does not close during the Spring Festival, so there is no problem to keep supply and price stable!”Video link, Wu Guiying and Changsha county responsible for comrade “quick question quick answer”.”As low temperatures continue to rain and snow, we must ensure that urban and rural residents have no worries about water, electricity and gas use.”Wu Guiying listened while asking questions and spoke carefully. She arranged key tasks such as urban security, epidemic prevention and control, and security and stability.Bright lights and New Year.Wu guiying also came to the South Huangxing Road pedestrian shopping street to learn about the holiday crowd, security and other information, and to comfort the special police, traffic police, armed police officers and urban management team members, sanitation workers.She sent her best wishes for the Spring Festival and thanked everyone for their dedication to their duties and selfless dedication to bring peace, stability and harmony to the family.In the evening, gui-ying wu in inspecting scheduling, visit meeting stressed that to carry out general secretary xi important speech spirit of important instructions instructions, the full implementation of the party central committee and the State Council and the provincial party committee, the provincial government to deploy, resolutely carry development, promote the party a to cover a stable, peaceful political responsibility, strictly follow the system for 24 hours on duty and leadership shift,We will exchange the “happiness index” of the people for the “hardship index” of officials, and make contributions to the overall situation and the whole region by ensuring security and stability in one region.Wu guiying called for all-out efforts to prevent and control the epidemic, strictly enforce the “three stops, one stop” threshold, scientifically and precisely build a solid defense line against imported COVID-19, and prevent “layer upon layer”, “simplification” and “one-size-fits-all”.We will do our best to respond to the cold weather, strengthen transportation organizations, ensure market supplies, pay close attention to low-income families, elderly people living alone, and empty-nesters whose children did not return to their hometowns for the Spring Festival due to the epidemic, and do our best to help them.We need to make every effort to ensure safety and stability, ensure workplace safety, tighten public security and prevention and control, and ensure on-duty and on-duty duties. We need to pay close attention to supervision of key industries such as road traffic and fireworks, strengthen prevention and control, and ensure the supply of water and electricity.To do a good job in the construction of party conduct and clean government, implement the responsibility of the first person responsible and the team members “one post and two responsibilities” requirements, strictly prevent “holiday sickness”, keep good “integrity”, create a clean atmosphere of the festival.