She suddenly fainted from cerebral infarction and fell to the ground. The medical staff of Zibo Central Hospital responded quickly and rescued her successfully

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Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Zhang Xiaoguang correspondent By Kai Chen Yuan
When the patient’s life is critical, it is the biggest test to the medical staff’s reaction ability.And a successful rescue with rapid medical response took place in the waiting hall of radiology Department of West Hospital of Zibo Central Hospital three days ago…At 11:57 on February 9, the radiology medical staff of the West Hospital, who had been fighting for four and a half hours, were just about to take a rest when they heard an urgent cry for help from the waiting hall: “Doctor, doctor, help!”Meng Jing, the department staff heard the cry for help, rushed out of the examination room, found that a patient fell to the ground and did not wake up, gong Xiao, deputy chief physician of the examination room immediately came to hear the news.Seeing the patient fainting, Gong Xiao called the family members to lay the patient flat and slapped him on both shoulders in an attempt to wake him up, but the unconscious patient did not respond.Race against time, rescue first!At this point, Gong Xiao reached out to touch the carotid artery of the syncope patient, and found that although the patient was in a coma, the carotid pulse and breathing were relatively stable.She immediately asked Meng Jing to push the stretcher, and explained to the patient’s family: “Hurry to the emergency room first!The patient’s life is not in danger, but the cause of the syncope has not been confirmed.The emergency room is equipped with a full set of rescue equipment and a professional team, so it is relatively safe to be sent there for treatment.”Safe transport in case of emergency.Gong Xiao and Meng Jing accompanied the family, the patient was safely sent to the emergency department after the rescue room, returned to the radiology department, continue to put into normal work.It is understood that after being sent to the emergency department, the medical staff performed emergency CT according to the clinical manifestations of the patient’s nervous system, which was diagnosed as cerebral infarction, and thrombolytic therapy was immediately carried out.”Due to the short onset time and timely treatment, the patient has a good thrombolytic effect.”An emergency personnel introduction.At present, the patient has been transferred to the Neurology department of the West Hospital for further treatment.