Year of the Tiger Wechat red envelope cover is very different?Be careful!A grey industrial chain is operating quietly, everywhere is a trap

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Have you noticed that wechat red envelopes in the Year of the Tiger are different from those in previous years?Many netizens have noticed that wechat red envelope covers are dazzling this year, with enterprises, institutions and individuals launching customized versions to give the online Red envelope a unique cover.Part of the popular wechat red envelope cover is often released, was “killed in seconds”.However, a grey industrial chain was born — some people peddled wechat red envelope covers on second-hand trading platforms, some of which were fraudsters, resulting in some netizens spending money but did not buy the red envelope they wanted.And in the process of making and releasing the cover of wechat red envelope, there are also many traps.In view of this phenomenon, Tencent official very early released a public statement, clear: “to buy wechat red envelope cover, are fraud.”Wechat warned users not to buy red envelope covers as early as before the Spring Festival (” wechat Coral Security “is Tencent’s official content security public account). We should know that since the launch of the cover of wechat red envelope, wechat has clearly stipulated that the customized party shall not charge users any fees in any form because of the cover of wechat red envelope.Wechat red envelope covers only charge 1 yuan for each red envelope cover maker, and there is no charge for recipients of red envelope covers.There are three formal ways for users to get the cover of wechat red envelope, namely: qr code, serial number or link provided by the “scan” red envelope maker.Any of these methods do not involve transactions, nor do they need to input user transaction passwords, verification codes, etc.However, jiefang Daily shangguan news reporter found that some wechat red envelope cover sellers and related service providers are still active on the online platform during the festival, which should be on the alert of netizens.1 yuan production cost, change hands up 10 times wechat red envelope cover can also make money?It’s a real business.On a second-hand trading platform, a variety of designated styles of wechat red envelope cover each price at least two or three yuan, more than ten yuan, it seems that the unit price is not high, can refer to the trading volume, it is not difficult to find that it is definitely not a “small business” :Part of the hot red envelope cover has more than 50,000 people paid, based on each person to buy one, the average price of each 10 yuan, the transaction volume has already exceeded 500,000 yuan.Second-hand trading platform, a wide variety of wechat red envelope cover why would someone spend several times the price to buy the production cost of each as long as 1 yuan wechat red envelope cover?”Mainly, some of the red envelope covers are customized for some well-known brands and artists, and the total number is limited.”Insiders reveal that for the producers, wechat red envelope covers are also a kind of advertising, and the customization cost of 1 yuan per cover is not high, so they are willing to design.But after all, it is impossible to supply unlimited, so there is a total limit on the cover of the customized wechat red envelope.In the eyes of users, especially for fans, the cover of wechat red envelope for free can reflect their preferences, interests, etc., so enthusiasm is high.As a result, those who can’t get the cover of the red envelope think of second-hand trading platforms, and criminals are also targeting the profit space.According to Tencent, wechat red envelope cover scams often go like this: fraudsters pretend to have a large number of red envelope serial numbers for sale, with inexpensive prices and various tricks.When you meet the potential transaction object about scammers, said WeChat Lucky Money cover by serial number, and serial number belongs to the virtual goods, so can’t according to the secondary trading platform “buyers pay to third-party payment platform, sell the home to deliver goods, confirm the delivery of buyer, seller received payment” of the transaction process, but the request must payment before shipment.However, some netizens found that when they paid according to the scammers’ demands, they received fake serial numbers with envelopes that could not be retrieved.Or has been blocked by the seller to delete.In this scam, the swindler takes a “small, wide net” approach.The amount of fraud was small, but the net was cast wide enough that there were many victims.Insiders revealed that in addition to the “wechat red envelope cover” scam, for users who want to have their own customized red envelope cover, a grey industrial chain has taken advantage of the situation.First, solicit design parties in the most upstream design link.The cover sellers hire people to do the design work, including students or part-time artists.There are even part-time groups organized by “scalpers” with the theme of design, where merchants can send orders.It is reported that the cover of wechat red envelope is mainly pictures, so the design side is mainly good at drawing users;This year, there are more video versions of wechat red envelope covers, and some short video practitioners have also started to design covers on the side.In this process, both normal part-time, but also does not rule out part of the fraudsters set a trap for job, requiring part-timers to “first attend training” “first through certification” and other reasons to obtain “design qualifications” and require part-timers to pay.Some people will “red envelope cover author certification” as a product sales followed by trying to pass the wechat red envelope cover qualification certification, audit and other links.Wechat has qualification requirements for red envelope makers, including companies having to apply for an official account and provide some certification materials, and individuals having to open a video account and get 100 valid followers.As a result, the gray industry chain appeared in the “generation through the audit” service providers, with shell enterprises and other false materials through the audit, or for personal video number “brush powder” and so on.In the process, some people who make money from “bad information” have begun to “sell” in this grey industry chain. For example, they have launched so-called paid tutorials such as “teach you to make money with the cover of red envelopes”, claiming that they can earn “100,000 yuan a month” after learning them.As everyone knows, whether it is an enterprise or an individual, there is a threshold for customizing wechat red envelope covers, and wechat does not allow producers to sell red envelope covers.Finally, the finished red envelope covers are sold to netizens through online trading platforms.In short, this gray industrial chain around the cover of wechat red envelope involves cover design, production certification, distribution and other links, turning the original wechat red envelope cover that users can receive for free into a profit-making carrier.In reaction to the phenomenon, has explicitly WeChat aspect, for to the users of paid sales WeChat Lucky Money cover behavior, will make the following treatment: custom account, involving similar violations has approved WeChat Lucky Money cover will be pulled from the shelves, and have been getting red envelopes cover will not be able to continue to use, has not yet issued WeChat Lucky Money cover will not be able to continue to issue;And the customized party will not be able to customize any red envelope cover through the wechat red envelope cover open platform within 1 month.Meanwhile, wechat also warned users not to believe advertisements on the cover of red envelopes sold online for money, and anyone who asks to transfer money first is a fraud.