Congratulations Leonard!The Clippers made a 3-for-2 deal, and the 8+3 forwards have a chance to be converted

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Beijing time On February 7, the NBA regular season is under way, which Spo said, “I would never use statistics to measure the role of Kyle Lowry, he can help Butler, Adebayor go further in many ways, the Bucks head coach revealed Bledsoe is an elite level defender, he is very special.Just now, congratulations to Kawhi Leonard, congratulations to Paul George, the Los Angeles Clippers three-for-two trade made a lot of money, Coffey has a chance to get a full-time job, let’s just say Ballmer is more decisive than Jeanie Buss.According to Michael Scotto, the Los Angeles Clippers, short of all-star small forwards Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, reached a three-for-two deal with the Portland Trail Blazers to trade Bledsoe, Winslow and Keon Johnson for Norman Powell and Robert Covington,He also gave the latter a 2025 second-round pick.It’s important to note that the trade creates a roster spot, and that if not re-signed, Coffey could be a two-way player.It is worth mentioning that the Los Angeles Clippers were the winners from the famous record.The first is that, with Kawhi Leonard and George facing season losses, clippers management opted to complete a three-for-two trade in order to make the team capable of playing in the playoffs, even though they took a second-round pick, but it is also a guaranteed profit.Coffey, who could be signed to the clippers if he doesn’t play again, appeared in 41 regular-season games and averaged 8.4 points, 3.1 rebounds and 1.7 assists.You know, you can see the decisiveness of the Los Angeles Clippers in the trade, general manager Frank Frank said in an interview about owner Steve Ballmer.Without the support of Steve Ballmer, I couldn’t have done this easily, because the deal would have resulted in an additional $19 million in luxury tax.On the other hand, the lakers’ front office, westbrook won’t trade, tucker isn’t wanted, and even the front office is in a mess, only lebron James.Now with the Los Angeles clippers made three in two transaction, they through the way of operation, make a squad position, is absolutely good news for the team, general manager of frank can fill before the deadline to continue strong, also can become a full member some players, such as two-way contract with Coffey, here would like to congratulate with Leonard, congratulations to Paul George.At the same time can also see that the gap between the Clippers and the Lakers, a decisive trade, a yes and no.