Ford has released a special GT red and gold livery tribute to the classic

2022-04-27 0 By

Ford has officially unveiled a special Edition version of the 2022 Ford GT, called the Alan Mann Heritage Edition, at the 2022 Chicago Auto Show.The new car has a special edition livery, a tribute to the 1966 GT40 Mk I Lightweight ‘AM GT-1’ racing car.The gold trim runs from the front to the rear of the car, which is sporty with bright red paint. The number 16 symbol is also from the ford AM GT-1 prototype.The Chicago Auto Show also sent ford AM GT-1 to the auto show site, we can see that the two painting is almost exactly the same.The interior is heavily wrapped in Alcantara, and the door panels also feature a number 16.For power, the car still uses a 3.5-l twin-turbo V6 with 660 horsepower.