How do users test whether the machine is normal after receiving the gas detector

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After receiving the gas detector, the user needs to test whether the instrument is working normally after installation.Some customers use lighters to detect gas leaks, but this method is not recommended because the lighter is too close to the sensor and the concentration level is too high, damaging the alarm.Here we introduce the user after receiving the gas detector, how to correctly install, detect and use.Gas detector is an important guarantee to ensure production safety. Installed on site, it can help factories and enterprises effectively avoid the harm caused by gas leakage.Portable gas detector can also effectively protect the personal safety of staff.But this paper mainly introduces the use of fixed gas detector related problems.Take gas alarm as an example: 1. After we receive the equipment, we need to check whether all accessories are complete, such as whether there are instructions, certificates of quality, product certificates, related accessories, etc., in the package, and check whether the products are damaged by transportation;2, to carefully read the instructions, our company provides a professional wiring installation video, if you can not refer to the video successfully wiring installation, you can also call our after-sales phone;3, connect the line, do not rush to install, alarm test the instrument first.4. The gas alarm produced by our company is equipped with standard gas hood.We attach the hood to the metal casing at the bottom of the alarm and test it with standard gas.Normal instrument as the standard gas emits, detect the numerical change accordingly, connected with the controller on the display density will increase, when the density of gas detector are met or exceeded alarm value, the controller will send out sound and light alarm signal, gas alarm if the installation of the sound and light alarm, also can send out sound and light alarm signal.The gas alarm produced by our company is high and low alarm, which can help managers quickly and effectively distinguish the current concentration of leaked gas.5. After that, we should turn off the standard gas, and then observe the change of the concentration value on the gas alarm and controller display panel.When the gas concentration of the detector slowly decreases to 0%LEL, the whole test process is completed and the equipment is proved to be normal, we can install and use it.6, when installing, remember to power off, wiring can not have any burr, so as to avoid short circuit accidents.After the line is connected, it can be powered on normally. When the gas alarm and controller are preheated, the value on the display panel is 0, indicating that the installation is successful, and the instrument officially enters the normal detection.