In 2011, a pregnant woman in Sichuan province gave birth to a pair of “two-headed girls” and wanted to give up her custody to have another child

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A two-headed person, colloquially speaking, is a person with two heads on one torso, which is medically known as a “dicephalic deformity”.Many two-headed people do not survive infancy, so in most cases they are referred to as “two-headed babies”.In China, there are two-headed babies.In 2009, a two-headed infant was found in Guangzhou Conghua Health Center and died after only seven days.In 2011, bao Qiaoying, a 25-year-old pregnant woman in Suining, Sichuan province, gave birth to a pair of two-headed baby girls, sending her plunging into an ice cave.Because of this tragedy, it could have been prevented.In August 2010, bao Qiaoying, a 24-year-old woman from Sichuan province, found that she was pregnant when she was working in Guangdong. She quickly told her husband Liao Guojun.When the baby was three months old, Bao and her husband went to a hospital in Guangdong province for an Ultrasound. Since the ultrasound showed normal, Bao didn’t think much about it and decided to return to her hometown of Suining, Sichuan Province, to wait for the birth.On February 21, 2011, Bao qiaoying was more than six months pregnant.She went for b-mode ultrasound again, and this time she chose suining No. 3 People’s Hospital, a local hospital in Suining.Here, she got the result: intrauterine singlelive fetus, which means “a viable baby is visible in utero.”By then, the fetus would have begun to take shape, so it would have been obvious.If abnormalities can be found in the fetus this time, bao qiaoying is absolutely safe to induce labor in terms of the month of the fetus.Because of this test, I missed my last chance.Gradually, as her due date approached, Bao had one last Ultrasound before giving birth.This B ultrasound, Bao Qiaoying did not choose to do in the third People’s Hospital, but chose to do in the maternal and child health care hospital.However, bao’s 10-month-old baby was reassured by the results: the baby had two heads but only one body.Even the examining doctor was surprised.After all, she must not be the first time to do B ultrasound, how did not find out until now?Unable to believe it, Bao qiaoying and her husband went to Suining Central Hospital to have a color doppler scan to get a closer look.But the results were devastating: they were conjoined twins.Do not want to accept the reality of the husband and wife, and ran to the third hospital – Sichuan west China second hospital dozen color super, the result is still the same.And now the child is about to give birth, it is impossible to do induction surgery, Bao Qiaoying in addition to birth, there is no other way.On the advice of doctors, Bao had a Caesarean section at Suining Central Hospital on May 5. The hospital’s attending doctor performed the operation himself, giving birth to a pair of two-headed girls.The baby girl’s body length is 51 cm, which is within the normal range.With two heads, she weighs 8.1 kilograms, which is more than the average weight of a baby girl (6 kilograms).The two-headed child has normal features, complete features and limbs.Because they share one body, when they were first born, the two sisters acted in unison: they opened their eyes together, closed them together, cried together, and for a short time there was nothing wrong with them.Suining Central Hospital also formed an expert team to conduct further examination of the child.In addition to two heads, the baby has two spinal columns, two oesophagus, two left ventricles, and the right ventricle is shared with other organs.There is no way to separate the body.The sisters will most likely be joined at the same time, but as two-headed babies share organs, they may become too overloaded to supply the body with enough supplies and eventually fail.The child was later transferred to Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital, which has better medical equipment.The director of Chongqing Health Bureau, together with 22 experts in various fields, gave the child all-round treatment and care.Nurses at Newbridge Hospital change the sleeping position of two-headed babies every hour and massage them in various parts of their bodies to facilitate blood circulation.The nurses had to pay attention to the placement of the children’s heads because they were so close together that their saliva tended to stick together.The baby was just 8 days old, although still not out of danger, but can eat normally, can drink 100ml milk every day.Newbridge hospital said it would take full responsibility for the treatment because the children’s parents were poor.To show her gratitude to xinqiao Hospital, Bao decided to name her two daughters Xinxin and Qiaoqiao.There are 27 recorded two-headed people in the world, with the longest-living two-headed being the ‘two-headed sisters’ born in the US in the 1990s, who reached adulthood and work and lived to age 32.The world’s second longest living two-headed people did not have the same luck, surviving for just 11 days.Shinshin and Hashihashi survived 15 days, meaning they had already broken the previous record for second-longest two-headed person.That being said, their condition is still very fluid.Experts said the American “two-headed sisters” survived so long because they had two heart-lung systems, but xinxin and Qiaoqiao shared most of their organs.This resulted in not only complex congenital heart disease, but also respiratory failure and lung infections.Hashimoto’s skull has developed partial head syndrome, which is likely to affect vision and cognition.To make matters worse, as the child is eating normally, his weight is slowly increasing, which undoubtedly increases the burden on his heart and lungs.Not only did the child develop a severe lung infection, he also came close to death several times.On May 26, 2011, Xinxin suddenly became short of breath, and Qiaoqiao’s breath was weak. The oxygen saturation in her body dropped rapidly, and soon her whole body turned purple.The doctors saved their lives for three hours before bringing them back from the jaws of death.Pneumonia, breathing difficulties, heart failure, fever, these symptoms, the child can not leave the 24-hour intensive care unit.Xinxin and Qiaoqiao’s parents find it difficult to even get together with them.It was only when the baby was 41 days old that the doctors arranged for the couple to see the baby.Born forty days and parents to meet again, parents consider giving up custody of a child to see a child is not simple, Liao Guojun before can only see the child was pushed into the operating room figure.After the wife out of the month, and then under the doctor’s arrangement, put on a full set of sterilization equipment, to walk into the care unit.The meeting was not long either, ending in a few minutes.”It’s not been a long time, but we’ve finally been a family together,” Bao said with tears in her eyes.However, the child survived, what could they do?When the baby was born, Bao qiaoying’s family was at a loss what to do.Although the child is their blood, but pack home to face the future is not only the child huge medical expenses, but also to face the public eye.They even thought about giving up custody.It is false to say that he does not love his child. In order to celebrate his child’s full moon, Liao Guojun held a banquet in his hometown, hoping to share the joy of his child’s survival.Even if the hospital paid their medical expenses in advance, the children’s employment and survival problems make them headache.Shin-shin-kazuhashi should live in the icu forever?Moreover, with xinxin and qiao qiao’s current physical condition, the future prospects are not optimistic.Bao and his wife had prepared for their children to leave at any time.She had also asked her doctor, “Is there any chance I will be pregnant again?”Bao was relieved to get a positive answer from the doctor.Even if the baby was gone, she thought, she would have a chance to be a mother again without regret.Perhaps feeling their parents’ concerns, Xinxin and Qiaoqiao’s life became more and more tenacious, they actually survived two months.The sisters survived two months and were still on a ventilator when they were 100 days old. Who would have thought that Xinxin and Qiaoqiao, who had not gained weight for a month and was only 9 pounds, had suffered a lot in the past two months?A child can’t even do something as simple as roll over, and the slightest mistake can cause breathing difficulties.The nurses’ altered ‘their beds and added slanting boards under them to make them more comfortable.Children who used to eat normally, by two months, because of various diseases, they can’t breathe properly, they can’t even eat normally.In desperation, milk was poured into the child’s mouth through a gastric tube.But even so, this kid is tough.Every attending doctor marveled at their vitality, calling them the miracle of life.In this way, the child broke through the life cycle of one limit after another, and finally reached 100 days.Doctors initially wanted to perform heart surgery on them, but they were not strong enough to survive, so they had to call it a day.Long to 100 days of children, gradually began to have a sense of self, especially xinxin to the outside world more sensitive response, body movements are more rich.Sometimes late at night, the nurse said, she would hear a new SOB, like a grievance, especially when the other children were asleep.At this time, the nurse will look for Xinxin to talk, quietly twittering.Xin Xin hears a sound and responds by opening his eyes.Sometimes Xinxin will play quietly there.But Hashimoto didn’t seem to be affected at all. She remained quiet.Seeing the children’s performance, Liao Guojun is also full of hope, no longer blindly despair.He also decided to register his children for hukou, hoping that they would grow up one day.Go to the police, Liao Guojun asked the child should be single account, or double account.Police very solemnly said: “they have two heads, naturally two people.”However, on October 3, Liao Guojun in Suining received a phone call from Xinqiao Hospital saying that his child was dying.He quickly took his wife Bao Qiaoying on a bus to Chongqing.Just sit on the bus that moment, Liao Guojun received a phone call from the hospital: “this time…Nothing was saved.”One hundred and fifty days when the enemy of death unfortunately died, the parents said the hospital B super dereliction of duty to its court xinxinhe bridge bridge is bao Qiaoying and Liao Guojun’s first child in life.No matter how ambivalent they are about their child’s special situation, they are still full of love for their child.In 150 days and nine hours, Xinxin and Qiaoqiao lived a short and miraculous life.The arrival of this day, Bao qiaoying couple had anticipated.But when it came to the day, they still felt very heavy inside and did not say a word.After the baby died, they made a decision to donate the body to the hospital.I hope that the child’s special situation can help the hospital to find a solution to avoid the next tragedy.When she got home, Bao burned all the clothes and toys the family had prepared for Xinxin and Qiaoqiao.They originally planned the child did not have another, but also ultimately can not resist the emotional pressure, two people did not mention the idea of a child again.Pain always needs an emotional outlet. Bao Qiaoying recalled every bit of the pregnancy and the loss of her child, and the more she thought about it, the more wrong it was. If the examination of the Third Hospital in Suining had been able to see it, wouldn’t this tragedy have been prevented?As a result, a paper was handed over to the Suining Chuanshan District Court, bao Qiaoying and his wife to Sue suining City third hospital, to claim compensation for medical accidents.In 2012, the Chuanshan District Court ruled that suining No. 3 Hospital had caused a medical accident and should compensate Bao and his wife.However, the third Hospital of Suining city has not been fulfilled after the ruling.In 2013, the couple applied to the court for enforcement.But suining No. 3 Hospital officials said suining No. 3 Hospital paid all the medical bills during the child’s brief stay at Suining Central Hospital and should cancel them out.However, Baoqiao yingfang said that suining No. 3 Hospital had clearly stated that the advance payment was voluntary and did not need to be repaid. Moreover, it was not mentioned during the trial period.The court mediated from China and conducted many mediations.Finally, the third Hospital of Suining fulfilled the compensation on the spot and gave Bao Qiaoying and his wife RMB 11,789.56, ending the case.Although the compensation money is not much, but Bao Qiaoying couple’s heart is finally landing.The end of this lawsuit is like a farewell ceremony.They can finally put the nightmare of losing a child behind them and start a new life.Bao then gave birth to another child, and this time they took care not to let the tragedy happen again.Fortunately, the second time she gave birth to a healthy baby.In 2019, bao qiaoying rushed her child to the hospital with a high fever. Fortunately, the fever went away the next day. At that time, she realized that the shadow of Xinxin and Qiaoqiao had not gone away.In addition, since 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic has been raging, she has decided to save money and enroll her child in taekwondo class, hoping that her child can be strong and not be killed by the disease.In 2022, children will be in primary school, and taekwondo will be learned like a book.Bao has also taken her children to several competitions, and her husband, Liao Guobin, joined her to cheer them on.Although the child did not win any awards, Bao qiaoying was still touched and proud when she saw the child jumping around.Because his sister, who was hooked up to a ventilator in the intensive care unit, didn’t get the chance to shake her fist and feel alive.Nothing is more important than to live healthy.This is perhaps bao Qiaoying’s deepest feelings.References: Li Guo, Xiong Xue-li, Li Chun-mei.Wu Jinna, XIONG Xue-li, Li Chun-mei. The life of “Xinxin” and “Qiaoqiao” [N]. 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