Kyrgios: Please call me grand Slam champion!Coconut poison law still holds for Australian Open!

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The 2022 Australian Open has come to a close, with Barty and Nadal claiming the heaviest singles titles respectively, while Kyrgios and Kokkinakis beat another local pair 7-5/6-4 to win the men’s doubles.The champion broke many records: the first pair of Australian Open wildcard winners in the Open era, a record no one had won 54 years ago;It broke a 25-year record for a native to win again.Hard-mouthed coconut always high-profile Kyrgios, the big three inside only recognize Federer.He doesn’t think Djokovic is a GOAT.Because the two of the record, dejo 0-2 in the state behind.”No matter how many Grand Slams he wins, he’s never going to be my best guy.Because I’ve played him twice and won.So if you can’t beat me, you can’t be the best ever.”But Kyrgios was not impressed by nadal’s 5-3 deficit, having made his name beating the top seed at Wimbledon in 2014.If he was tough and didn’t have a Grand Slam title to back him up, the Australian Open men’s doubles victory gave him confidence, and in the future, his title will be marked “Grand Slam champion”.The famous “coconut poison law” states that no player who beats Kyrgios at a Grand Slam will win the title.The law still holds true in men’s singles at the Australian Open.Kyrgios, who made his Australian Open debut in 2014, is 17-9 in nine appearances.None of the players who beat Kyrgios ended up winning the championship.In 2014, pell, the 28th seed, defeated Kyrgios 3-2 in the second round and was swept out in three sets by Agut in the third round.In 2015, the sixth seed beat Kyrgios in three sets in the quarterfinals and lost 3-1 to Djokovic in the final.In 2016, sixth seed Tomas Berdych defeated Kyrgios 3-1 in the third round and was knocked out in three sets by Federer in the quarterfinals.In the second round of 2017, Seppi defeated Kyrgios 3-2 in five sets, and wawrinka knocked him out in three sets in the quarterfinals.In 2018, third seed Dimitrov beat Kyrgios 3-1 in the fourth round and was knocked out 3-1 in the quarterfinals by little-known Edmund;In 2019, 17th seed Raonic beat Kyrgios 3-0 in the first round and was defeated 3-1 by Pui in the quarterfinals;2020 fourth round 1 seed Nadal beat Kyrgios 3-1, the quarterfinals by Thiem 3-1;In 2021, the third round of the third seed Thiem 3-2 reverse Kyrgios, in the fourth round by Dimitrov egg sweep;2022 second round no. 2 seed Medvedev beat Kyrgios 3-1, the final was nadal two – three to achieve a big comeback.Visible, in the Australian Open sign table, or do not encounter Kyrgios for the better.