Pocket parks will be built in these areas of Wuhan this year

2022-04-27 0 By

Recently, in view of the public in Wuhan city message board on the construction of pocket park, the relevant departments have made a detailed reply.The pocket park opposite Helen Spring Phase 4 will be built this year. Citizen: Helen Spring Phase 4 is planned as a pocket park opposite the gate, but there has been no construction since 2020. When will the mouth bag park start construction?Wuhan Economic development Zone: it has been verified that the local block will start greening construction this year, and the temporary workshops and other facilities built by the developers on the block will be vacated before the construction starts.Citizen: Will Xinzhou District build a pocket park this year?Xinzhou District: After checking, the landscape department is planning to build 5 pocket parks in 2022. The site selection is currently being planned and will be announced to the society after confirmation.In addition, the landscape department will cooperate with the water department to build water beach park.Citizen: Hope to add children’s rides at Gold And Silver Tam Pocket Park.Dongxihu District: after verification, jinyintan park is a pocket park implemented by the municipal park.It is still in the maintenance period and has not been transferred to the East and West Lakes.The proposal of adding amusement facilities has been received and will be organized after the project is transferred to east and West Lake district.Citizen: When I passed by yedian intersection recently, I saw that there is a lawn there. Is there a pocket park under construction?Huangpi District: Panlong city Yedian cross northwest by huangpi District landscape and forestry bureau planning and construction of pocket park, has been approved by the district development and reform bureau, the main construction of park greening and supporting recreational facilities.Article source: Leju buy a house