The woman cut wood at home carelessly caused right patella fracture injury after timely medical treatment, careful drag out of big trouble

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Whether wrestling injury to the joint or gravity hit the joint, should cause attention, timely medical treatment, not to pain, the naked eye looks fine and other reasons and delay, thus delaying the best treatment time, joint activity is limited, walking claddy, or joint bending difficulties and other big trouble.Fifteen years ago, Zhong Wenxiu (pseudonym) accidentally smashed her right patella while cutting wood at home.After the accident, due to the poor medical conditions in the local countryside, zhong wenxiu did not pay much attention to them at that time, etc., so she just had a simple immobilization at home.Before long, Zhong wenxiu went to Wenzhou to work.During this period, Zhong wenxiu’s knee did not improve with the development of time, but became more and more serious. The muscles of the right thigh and calf had atrophied, and it was difficult to walk and bend.Her joints became stiff and she could not move. At that time, Zhong went to a hospital in Wenzhou for examination and treatment. After examination, zhong was found to have an old patella fracture on her right side and stiff knee joint.The hospital treated him for release, but the effect of the second release was not good, and his right limb remained stiff and difficult to move.In 2021, she went to the Third People’s Hospital of Jingdezhen to seek medical advice again.After agreeing with the city three hospitals bone a division in time to its hinge – type total knee replacement.Now, Zhong wenxiu has recovered well after surgery. Her right lower limb can walk slowly and her knee joint has greatly improved.”It’s called malunion in clinic.If in diaphysis ministry does not involve the fracture of joint place, dislocation is long can affect not too big.If it’s around the joint, around the knee joint, around the ankle joint, and it’s dislocated, it has an impact.”Xu Junzhi, deputy director of a department of bone in three hospitals, said that this effect is divided into two parts, the first part is likely to walk pain, the formation of traumatic arthritis, the second is likely to affect joint activity, so that joint activity is limited, walking claddy, or joint bending, stretching, resulting in limited activity.Therefore, once trauma occurs, patients should not miss the best treatment time by “resting at home”, “bone injury can not move more” and other views, resulting in the deterioration of the condition.▲ After surgery with rehabilitation treatment to restore limb function as soon as possible for fracture patients, rehabilitation treatment is the continuation of surgery, postoperative only combined with standard, timely rehabilitation treatment to help patients recover limb function as soon as possible.If you sit still and do not move your joints, they will become stiff, and complications such as muscle atrophy and even blood clots can occur., of course, in addition to the rehabilitation training is required for recovery, patellar fracture patients also need to pay more attention on food, to give priority to with light and contains high protein and vitamin A food, to meet the needs of bone healing, such as bone soup, fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, such as food, but avoid spicy, cold and greasy food intake.Jingdezhen Third People’s Hospital, Department of Orthopedics, Tel: 0798-8432845