At the plenary session of the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, the anti-corruption blockbuster “The Price of Betrayal 2021” reached people’s hearts

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Warning educational segments of the betrayal of the cost of 2021 Massachusetts moment zhangjiajie February 16 – (correspondent wearing a margins Wen-juan jiang) “keep itself away from the organization requirements, distance and regulation, from the position of the populace to supervise, and then evolved into will provide convenient, with the authority of the organization as their tools for private gain, will eventually be sent to the door of the” hell “.”This is zhangjiajie Transportation construction Investment Group Co., LTD., the former deputy secretary of the Party committee, deputy general manager of zhou Zhensheng wrote a paragraph in the confessions.He should have stayed at home after retirement, but was jailed for corruption, and now he is the main character in an educational warning film.February 14, the eighth zhangjiajie city commission for Discipline Inspection held the second plenary meeting.Before the meeting, the participants watched the warning educational film “Price of Betrayal 2021” made by the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision, which is a “gift of integrity” given to party members and cadres by the municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision.Film in addition to the fall of the transportation system leadership cadres Zhou Zhensheng, and the political and legal team of the “black sheep” to yuangang, Hao Guoxiong, “granary master rat” Fu Lipeng, because of bad habits fall of zhou Lighting, “small official corruption” Zhang Jinqiao and other 6 “protagonist” confession.They lose their ideals and beliefs, ignore party discipline and regulations, lose themselves in the face of greed, and eventually become a living negative textbook.The first warning film is the former zhangjiajie prison senior police chief, the former secretary of the Party group of the city Justice Bureau, director Xiang Yuangang, he believed in life on a serious illness to carle diem, in the lust for pleasure, happy to be hunted lost in the self.For more than ten years, he indulged in “pushing cups for cups” with businessmen, using public power to “rake in oil” and embarked on the evil way of power-for-money trading.”When I think about these violations of discipline and law, I feel regretful and regretful.An official should never think of getting rich. If he thinks of getting rich, something will definitely happen.”Xiang Yuangang regretted very much when he told himself.The fall of Hao Guoxiong, a former second-grade senior police chief of the city’s public security bureau, began when he was moved from “no. 1” to the head of a second-grade organization.Power expansion, a desire to “upper” Hao Guoxiong took the public account as a private “ATM”, the use of position convenience wantonly reap benefits, but also illegal shares in mining enterprises.Many acts of injustice will be killed, by greed carried away hao Guoxiong so step by step towards the abyss of criminal destruction.”If I could turn back the clock and do it over again, I would have remembered the medical advice of virtue, erudite and prudence.”It is also for selfish interests, as yongding district Yuan Guping town central health hospital party branch secretary, director of Zhang Jinqiao should cure people, heal the wounded, but in the interest of temptation before not self-respect, not introspective, not from the doctor, frequently stretched out “black hand”, the hospital as their own hospital crazy money.From accepting kickbacks from drug suppliers, illegally setting up a “small Treasury”, to embezzling public funds from patients, Zhang Jinqiao accumulated a pile of money and slipped further and further on the road of corruption, completely discarding the benevolence of doctors, and finally made himself a “patient” knocked down by the “virus” of corruption.Fallen officials appeared, the impact of the most intuitive.To see the former leadership colleagues become “prisoners”, the scene of every member of the participants in the sigh at the same time, they also really taught a profound warning education lesson.”To just far, Hao Guoxiong was a high-ranking police chief, is from the law enforcers to becoming a ‘prisoner’ today, let a person shock and sad and sorry, its behavior not only destroyed the political life and personal freedom of the individual, the more his family disaster, to organs and public security team have a negative impact of political science and law, is extremely serious, loss is incalculable.”Ou Chunxia, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and executive deputy director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, felt deeply, “As a leading cadre of the public security bureau, we must take warning, remember that the power is used by the people, be cautious and cautious, always keep the alarm bell ringing, always keep sober in politics and law.”Zhao Fei, secretary of the discipline inspection Commission of the Municipal Investment Group, was deeply touched when he saw zhou Zhensheng, his former colleague, in the film. He said: “I feel sorry for him, and I feel pathetic for him.From these negative examples, I have learned that leading officials must always adhere to their beliefs, strictly observe discipline, consciously guard the bottom line of morality, strictly observe the ‘red line’ of discipline, and firmly hold the ‘high voltage line’ of the law.”One inch loose in thought, one foot loose in action.Li Zhongping, party secretary and director of the city’s maternal and Child Health care and Family Planning Service Center, said: “The characters in the warning films relax their study and self-requirements for a long time, and eventually lead themselves to the road of no return.As party members and cadres, we should strengthen the study of political theory and improve our ability to resist change.”How to make “viewers” not become “film people”?This is a warning to ask, but also the performance of duty must answer.City supply and marketing cooperatives association party secretary Yuan Hongwei said: “warning educational film gives people a strong spiritual impact at the same time, also let people deeply alert, as party members leading cadres must take warning, alarm bells ringing.We will draw conclusions from one example, check, plug the risk loophole of clean government construction from daily management, fulfill the main responsibility and the first responsibility of clean government construction of the Party work style, strictly implement the municipal Party committee “on strengthening the supervision of the” Twelve measures “provisions, effectively strengthen the unit of the party work style clean government construction and anti-corruption work,Make all cadres firmly establish the concept of clean politics, fair use of power, pragmatic for the people.”In order to maximize the effect of warning education, the plenary session also issued the city’s typical cases “Analysis materials” and “Confessions”, promoting the interpretation of virtue, discipline and law by case, leading party members and cadres to truly know and fear, keep the bottom line.In recent years, the city commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision committee adhere to the implementation of careful warning education as a whole to promote the “three no”, clean Zhangjiajie construction important content, adhere to the system thinking, targeted policy, warning education deterrent, persuasion and appeal has been fully released, party members and cadres “do not want to corrupt” ideological consciousness more firmly.