Guangdong Feed landed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange, strength business Department appeared in the dragon tiger list (02-16)

2022-04-28 0 By

Shenzhen Stock Exchange on February 16, 2022 trading public information shows that, because of belonging to the stock price without limits on the rise and fall of the dragon tiger list.Yuehai feed that day reported 7.75 yuan, up or down 44.05%, turnover rate 1.90%, 23.98% amplitude, turnover of 14.66882 million yuan.February 16th seat details are as follows: there are two powerful business departments on the list, ranking second and third respectively, with a total sale of 130,200 yuan.The second seller was China Merchants Securities Mudanjiang Road Securities Business department in Shanghai, the seat sold for 67,400 yuan.In the past three months, the seat has been listed 146 times, ranking 52nd in strength.China Merchants Securities Mudanjiang Road Securities business department also participated in Huitong Group today (net purchase – 3.3504 million yuan).Sell three for east wealth securities Lhasa unity road first securities business department, the seat sold 62,800 yuan.In the past three months, this seat has been listed 873 times, ranking 9th in strength.Oriental Wealth Securities Lhasa Tuanjie Road first securities business department today also participated in Jincai Internet (net purchase value of 30.4860 million yuan), Hengbao Shares (net purchase value of 18.2438 million yuan), Poly Union (net purchase value of 11.441 million yuan) and other 11 stocks.Note: The total data in this paper have been de-processed.Disclaimer: This article is based on big data production, only for reference, does not constitute any investment advice, therefore the operation risk oneself.