Quick collection!Spring Festival water supply services to ensure the whole strategy

2022-04-28 0 By

Tianjin Cloud News: The Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger is approaching, tianjin Water Group is taking multiple measures to ensure the water supply services to ensure that people have no worries about water, and peaceful New Year.It is understood that Tianjin Water Group scientifically allocates water sources from the River and the Luanhe river to ensure the raw water supply of the 9 water plants under the jurisdiction of the group.According to users’ demand for water, the factory pressure and flow rate of each water plant should be adjusted in time to effectively reduce the risk of pipe network bursting and ensure the stable water pressure and sufficient water quantity at home.The water quality monitoring center has analyzed and tested the water quality of the raw water from the River and the Luanhe river respectively. Meanwhile, the frequency of water quality detection in each link of the water plants has been enhanced to ensure the safety and stability of water supply. At present, the water turbidity of each water plant is less than 0.2NTU, 5 times better than the national standard.During the Spring Festival, Tianjin Water Group arranged more than 300 emergency repair personnel, equipped with more than 170 emergency repair vehicles, the branch at 23 service points, to be on duty 24 hours a day, general indoor water leakage was reported to the scene within 1 hour disposal;Municipal pipe network burst, on-site disposal within 40 minutes after receiving the report.At the same time, 1355 have taken over the secondary water supply facilities for inspection and maintenance, do a good job of water tank cleaning and disinfection, to ensure the safety of water for high-rise residential residents.Household maintenance and collection personnel should wear masks, disposable shoe covers, and carry hand disinfectant and disinfecting paper towels. Hands should be disinfected after service.During the Spring Festival, 41 business halls and water selling points will operate normally. Meanwhile, 25 business halls will set up self-service water selling equipment, including 14 24-hour self-service water selling equipment.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, all business outlets insist on “two yards and one test”, and staff should wear masks and gloves. After each service, the business hall will be disinfected in a timely manner, so that you can handle business with confidence.Tianjin Water Group customer service center “96655” service hotline 24 hours to accept all kinds of water demands.At the same time, users can also report water problems through the official website of Tianjin Water Group, the official Weibo and other network channels.(Tianqiaomei, Jinyun News reporter)