Real gold quenching, there is “sunflower” where there is xiangyang power

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When it comes to Sunflower medicine for children, people first think of the catchy advertising slogans such as “Little Sunflower mother’s class has started, the child’s cough is not good, most of them are lung heat, little Sunflower oral liquid for children’s lung heat, cough and asthma”.It also makes people wonder how the producer of this “star drug”, Sunflower Pharmaceutical Group (Xiangyang) Longzhong Co., LTD., which is firmly established in our Xiangyang High-tech Zone, did it?Sunflower Pharmaceutical Group (Xiangyang) Longzhong Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Sunflower Pharmaceutical Longzhong Company) is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise mainly engaged in the production of Proprietary Chinese medicine, with more than 500 employees.In 2010, the company was named as “Excellent Production Enterprise” by Hubei Medical Industry Association, and in 2011, it was named as national High-tech Enterprise and Hubei Provincial Enterprise Technology Center. The company’s trademark “Miao Tai” is a famous trademark in Hubei Province, and is now applying for national well-known trademark.”In May last year, the company obtained financial support related to the longzhong Talent Plan innovation project of ‘Development and Research of the ancient classic formula erdong Tang Granules’ declared on Hanjiang Science Network, which is an affirmation of our company’s technological innovation ability.Then we applied for the xiangyang Key Laboratory of ancient classics, hoping to be recognized and affirmed by relevant science and technology departments once again.”Sunflower pharmaceutical longzhong company section by commissioner Tian Kui said in an interview.Won the 2021 in hubei province as one of technology innovation demonstration enterprises, sunflower pharmaceutical longzhong company is committed to building automation, intelligent and green production mode, through the introduction of Japan’s advanced technology and equipment for quality upgrading, the pediatric Indian bay leaf antifebrile granules can be automatically packing line, save the packing material of 15% – 20%, saving labor costs two-thirds.”At present, our production workshops are unmanned operation, the use of automated packaging line to make a bottle of pharmaceutical preparations orderly off the line, the introduction of the new automatic production line so that our flagship product – Honeysuckle dew to increase productivity 100%, can produce 760,000 bottles a day, annual capacity of 1 billion yuan.”Tian Kui said proudly.”With genuine medicinal materials and craftsman spirit, do our people’s high-quality good medicine” is the company philosophy of Sunflower Pharmaceutical Longzhong company has been uphold.According to Tian Kui, in recent years, the company has also established long-term cooperative relations with xiangyang Vocational and Technical College, Academy of Chinese Medicine and other college experts, with the help of hanjiang Science networking platform to enhance the innovation ability of the university and enterprise.In the future, the company will also set foot in the field of big health, to undertake drug processing business, to make contributions to the cause of Chinese traditional medicine!