The iron tree flower iii

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When Tiehyun and his family were about to be sent to Nanjing, Gao Xianning sighed: “Tiegong has been loyal to his country and hated the king of Yan most. I am afraid that his whole family will not be spared this time.I will save one of his sons at all costs. I will not deprive the faithful of their descendants.”So he sold his property and disguised himself as a poor man. He went to huai ‘an post station and gave the couriers some money to wait for tiexuan and his family.After ten days, iron hyun and 83-year-old father iron zhong name, mother Xue, wife Yang, the eldest son Fuan, the youngest son Shouan, meng Yao, the second daughter Zhongying, were escorted to Huai ‘an.Xian Ning which dare to come forward to recognize, but secretly identified his young son Shou ‘an.In the middle of the night, xian Ning, distracted by the local officials on patrol, set fire to the post and left with shou ‘an in his arms.Shouan was about to shout when Gao Xianning put his hand over his mouth and whispered, “Don’t shout!Your father Tie Shangshu is my mentor and confidant. I have come to save you!”Shou ‘an was silent.The local officials put out the fire and counted the number of people. Xiao Shou ‘an was nowhere to be found. Everyone thought he had been burned to death, but no bones could be found.Someone else explained, “Children must have tender bones and have been burned.”However, Tiehyun was very open-minded and said to the crowd, “When we reach the capital, we will be dead. There is no need to look for it any more.”Yang and Meng Yao sisters cried, but also can not think.The escort officer had to escort the rest to Nanjing.However, Gao Xianning took Shou ‘an in his arms and ran six or seven miles without a breath until they reached an open field. Then he put him down and said, “Iron son, I am Gao Xianning, a scholar of Jiyang and a disciple of your father.After Tie Shangshu was taken to the capital, his life was bound to be in danger, and if not, his family would be affected.That’s why I took the risk to save you, so that some of your iron blood might continue.”Shou ‘an saw that he was a righteous man, so he wept and said, “It is your kindness to save my life;But where am I to go now?It would be better to die with my parents and my brothers and sisters.”Xianning said, “Tie Son, that’s not what they say.Now you go to accompany your parents to die, also can’t reflect your filial piety, but make your parents more sad.Wouldn’t it be better if you gave up your life to leave a legacy for your iron family and offer a bowl of food to your parents and ancestors?”Shouan agreed, and after crying again, he and Xian – Ning regarded themselves as brothers, and they walked together.Shou ‘an said, “Brother, although you saved my life, I don’t know what happened to my parents, grandparents and brothers and sisters going south?I miss you so much.”Xianning said, “Brother, don’t worry. I was going to go to Nanjing to ask for news of your father after I rescued you.It is only until I find a home where you can be settled that I can be content.”Shou an said, “What’s the problem? I can just find someone else’s home in Shanyang County. I can work as a servant, and my brother can get away.”Xianning said, “How can you bear such hardships for your young age?”Shou an said, “My brother also saved my life. For my parents and elder sisters, what is it to suffer so little?”Two people plan to have decided, then in the suburbs of Shanyang county pay attention to search.One evening they entered a small village and were about to knock at the door of a house with three small huts shaded by willows. The door creaked open, and an old man of about fifty, with a clay pot in his hand, was going to sell some wine at the village shop.Xian Ning hurried forward and bowed, saying, “The old man bows to me.The little man was from Shandong province. Because the North soldiers had killed him, several shabby houses had been burned down and his property had been looted. Only this brother was left, and he was going to nanjing to seek refuge with relatives.I wonder if I could stay here for the night?”When the old man heard this, he shook his head and sighed: “Pity, pity you fugitives from a strange land.I’ve heard that Nanjing has been taken by the Union army again, and I don’t know where your relatives have fled. It’s hard to find them, it’s hard to find them!”Xian Ning said, “The old man said so.But since the house was broken, there was no going back.I just want to find a convenient place to send this little brother and go to Nanjing alone.”The old man nodded again and said, “Yes, yes.I had only one son, who was conscripted and died in the Battle of Emei.Now there is only an old wife and a young daughter.If a guest wants to stay, he can do it. Who can walk against the house?I’m afraid I won’t be able to cook a good meal, and I’ll neglect my guests.”He let them into the house.The two of them sat for a while, and the old man came back after drinking wine, took out two dishes of pickled Onions and pickled radishes, put them on the table, and invited the guests to sit down.When they chatted, Xian Ning knew the old man’s surname was Jin. He had an idea and said, “What a coincidence! The little man’s surname is Jin and his name is Ning.The brother’s name is Kim An.An old man is old, and since he has lost his son, why not adopt another son from his family and have a support in his old age?”Old Man Jin sighed: “There are some sons of the clan, but there is no one I like;If you inherit an unworthy one, don’t say you trust him, but become enemies. Why bother?”Xian Ning urged, “As long as the character is correct, even a servant should be hired. I often hear the story of the righteous servant and savior. A good servant can also be relied on.”Kim said, “My family has two mu of small farmland, and I used to employ several temporary workers during busy farming seasons. How can I have such spare money if I want to employ them for a long time?”Then he stared at Shou ‘an for a while and blurted out, “What a handsome little official he is. He is honest and kind. How old is he?Pity your tender skin, how can you eat such hardships of sleeping in the wind and sleeping in the open and traveling thousands of miles?”Shou ‘an bowed his head speechless, thinking of his relatives in the escort, he was already touched with tears. Xian Ning answered on behalf of him, “This is also helpless.My brother is only twelve, and he hasn’t left his book yet.”Surprised, Kim said, “Still reading?He must have come from a big family.Just now I heard the guest officer said that he would be sent to Nanjing to visit his relatives. Is that true?”Xian Ning said, “Of course it is true.”The old man said, “Why don’t the guest officer leave him at my house, eat some homely porridge, and deliver rice to the field for me when the farm is busy, and then serve as the district office when the guest officer comes back?Only I can’t afford to hire a man.”Xian Ning said, “Whoever wants the old man’s wages, let him serve the old man here all his life.”Seeing that all the food and wine had been eaten, Mrs. Jin served porridge for everyone to eat, and left a small room for the brothers to sleep in.At night, as they lay in bed, Gao Xianning whispered to Tie Shouan, “Brother, you are lucky to have found a place to settle down.If anything should happen to your father while I am away, I will bury his bones and get news of your grandfather and grandmother and mother and brothers and sisters, and then I will come back to you for some time I cannot say.Keep your peace here, and don’t act like a boy!More importantly, no matter to whom, do not divulge your birth history, this is life or death!Remember that!”One said, the other cried, and before I knew it, the cock crowed, and the light shone through the window.Xianning dressed quickly and got up. Old Jin was waiting outside the door. As soon as they met, he asked urgently, “You two have been discussing all night.Xianning said, “My brother would like to stay here, but he has brought trouble to your old man.”So she summoned Shou ‘an and asked him to visit the old couple. Then she said to The old lady, “The boy is not sensible yet. Grandma should teach him more.”Mother-in-law Jin said, “We don’t have a son, so we treat him as our own son, but please don’t worry.”Jin old man let Xian Ning eat breakfast, Xian Ning and exhorted Shouan, before thanking the old couple of gold and go.