Civil code of 100 q | how will ask the old man died 21 (including notarial wills), but these will content conflict, in which a will prevail?

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To pay special attention to the civil code of the publicity and implementation of, let the civil code of walked beside the crowd, walks in the heart, from now on, guizhou and guizhou lang lang think law firm intelligence (cis) lawyers group team, combining with the relevant judicial interpretations of the new rules of the civil code, select is closely related to the daily life and work of legal knowledge,According to the six sections of property rights, marriage and family, inheritance, contract, personality right, general Provisions and infringement, the Civil Code 100 Questions and 100 Answers has been carefully compiled and made into an e-book to actively publicize the law.In this special push, for the masses to collect, consult!Longzhi lawyer said that before the Civil Code takes effect on January 1, 2021, according to article 42 of the Opinions of the Supreme People’s Court on Several Issues concerning the Implementation, “the testator makes several contradictory wills in different forms. If there is a notarial will, the last one made shall prevail;If there is no notarial will, the last will made shall prevail. If there is a conflict between multiple wills made before the testamentary life, the notarial will shall have priority.Now after the civil Code comes into force, the priority effect of notarial will is cancelled, and the last will made by the testator shall prevail directly.Thus, the date indicated by the will is very key to identify the validity of the will.Special note: after the will is written, be sure to indicate the specific date in the will sign-off, in case of disputes in the future, according to the time to infer which will is finally concluded, and then the will shall prevail.Source: Guizhou Longzhi Law Firm, Guizhou Longzhi (Changshun) Law Firm Review: Wu Xuefeng yuan Ping Editor: Chen Qiaoli Email: qwpf2016@163.com2022 117th issue (total 3707 issue)