Football is the spirit of play, meet the enemy will shine sword, swallow mountains and rivers

2022-04-29 0 By

In the sino-Japanese women’s football match, what made people excited and shed tears was not only the result of winning or losing, but also the spirit of shining a sword when facing each other.Football is to see the sword spirit, meet the enemy will sword, even if the weak but momentum will never lose, fight a horse and horse, fight a life-or-death, even if lost also get heroic, die without regret.If, without this, only the skill and strength, the result can also guess eight or nine points, then what is the difference between this and performance, sports spirit and suspense.Everyone also saw, compared with Japan, the gap of China team is obvious, but that again how, I still want to fight the last breath, bite also want to bite dead you.It is with this spirit, in the strategic and tactical level of the highest realm, no fear and cowardice, from commanders to soldiers thinking about how to fight bravely, to win the victory.As the saying goes, man proposes, god disposes, as long as you plan, can think of all the arrangements, can do all do, that god will be moved.The men’s football team also has an obvious gap with Japan in strength, but it is because of the difference in tone, the results are vastly different.Today’s men can only spell material, on the run to find the material gap, hoping can overwhelm the other side, in the material machine, luxury hotels, naturalized players pay for everything, except in spirit is more and more is missing, the result is in strong weak, meet is not strong, weak to lose down one by one, has come to the point where callousness.The Sino-Japanese women’s football match shows that football is about spirit. Therefore, football is full of contingency. It is common for the weak to win the strong, and it is obsessed by the public.Physical condition, material basis of course important, but not absolute.Today’s facts show that if The Chinese men’s football team does not have professionalism, or the previous system of the whole nation, the worst is this result.In terms of academic performance, however, it is worse and worse after I became professional. In the past, I was at least among the first-class in Asia, but now I am hovering on the edge of third-class.Professionalism brings wealth and material improvement, but only spiritual decadence.Is such professionalism a failure?What’s the point?