Jianshe Road school series of safety education activities to enhance the awareness of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and emergency risk aversion

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March 28 is the 27th national primary and secondary school safety education Day, Xiangtan Yuetang District Jianshe Road school around the theme of “EARTHQUAKE prevention and disaster reduction I first”, actively carry out a series of safety education activities, to further improve the teachers and students of earthquake prevention and disaster reduction and emergency awareness.On the same day, in the weekly meeting class, the person in charge of moral education of Jianshe Road School took advantage of the broadcast meeting to educate teachers and students about earthquake protection and disaster reduction, and guide teachers and students to be familiar with the two processes of “hedging drill” and “evacuation drill” of earthquake protection and disaster reduction emergency evacuation drill.As the alarm sounded, the emergency evacuation drill of jianshe Road school started quickly.The scene commander repeatedly broadcast “now the earthquake attack, the implementation of emergency risk”, teachers and students quickly choose under the desks for risk.Lack of space to avoid danger with bags or books to protect the head, squatting next to desks and chairs to avoid danger, the whole school teachers and students in just a few seconds into the state of risk.Next, the radio loop played the alarm of evacuation drill, the scene commander repeatedly ordered that “the emergency escape is over, all teachers and students immediately evacuate to the playground”.The teacher immediately organized the students to evacuate from the front and back doors, and led the students in the class to evacuate quickly in two columns according to the evacuation route set in the Emergency Evacuation Drill Plan for Earthquake Prevention and Disaster Reduction of Jianshe Road School.After arriving at the assembly area, each class will squat down in 4-way column. The head teacher will count the number of students in time and report the situation of the class to the general responsible person.The whole safety drill is fast, orderly, safe and effective.After the emergency evacuation drill of earthquake protection and disaster reduction, jianshe Road school held the preliminary contest of earthquake protection and disaster reduction popular science explanation.The activity aims at popularizing the knowledge and basic skills of earthquake protection and disaster reduction of teachers and students, effectively improving the ability of emergency response of teachers, and selecting teachers to participate in the 6th Earthquake protection and disaster reduction Science Popularization Contest of Xiangtan Seismological Bureau.The activity invited experts from Xiangtan Seismological Bureau and relevant leaders of Yuetang District Education Bureau and Yuetang District emergency Management Bureau to conduct on-site guidance.Four participating teachers Zhao Lusi, Wang Yixuan, Tang Shumin, Chen Lirong respectively from the earthquake how to avoid danger, earthquake how to carry out psychological counseling, the school usually how to carry out normal earthquake evacuation drill, and how to scientific shock absorption and other aspects of their own understanding.Participating experts fully affirmed the performance of the contestants.At the same time, experts from the Seismological Bureau of Xiangtan city put forward valuable suggestions on the skills of explanation, requiring the teachers to distinguish between “explanation” and “speech”, focusing on “how to do” and “the reason for doing so”, and paying attention to objectivity and science.It is understood that the construction road school often take the combination of online and offline, in and out of school together to grasp the way, rich form and content of safety education, safety education activities normalized, meticulous.>>Return xiangtan online home page statement: reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn